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  1. Seeing conflicting forecasts for the Algarve. Any one give me a definitive one for the next 10 days please?
  2. Jellyfish over Bellshill this morning, lovely skies. I'm curious about that 33.2 last week, would love to know exactly where it was recorded - Ravenscraig by any chance?
  3. Great summary! We are off to Praia Da Rocha 2nd week in July. I know it's a bit far away (14 days) but heading towards the forecasting period. Any chance of a similar forecast for then (perhaps request nearer the time?)? Been watching the weather for the Algarve for a while now and it does seem quite unseasonal at the moment and seems to have been for a while (co-incidentally lovely here even in Central Scotland).
  4. Off to the Algarve 2nd week of July (couldn't see a thread for Portugal). I've noticed that it's been decidedly cooler down there (and a bit wetter) than normal for this time of year, any signs of this settling down. Just for that week you understand...........-)
  5. Looking at the models the southern half in particular of Scotland looks set for an utter drenching late Sunday/early Monday, anyone firm up on this at all?
  6. Interested in the forecast for Wednesday-Friday which seems to suggest storms for the Central belt especially late Wednesday. Anyone firm up on the possibilities?
  7. Unexpected here thought it'd be over bit heavy snow shower currently.
  8. I've been putting out anything that's past sell by date from the fridge. Even tomatoes and strawberries have been getting wolfed down. They really must be desperate.
  9. Met Office has heavy snow 12-2 here, just can't see this happening. Had hardly anything for hours now.
  10. Wow that be us too! Blizzard here in Bellshill the likes of which hasn't been seen for many years.
  11. The South West tip of that streamer is passing through just now. Bright sky and heavy drifting snow here.
  12. Sooo another day off tomorrow here? Thought we'd have more overnight bit very little, however, from what's been said Motherwell getting loads more today?
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