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  1. Here comes punishment weather - days and days of wind and rain to pay for this week.
  2. very strange for North to be warmer than London when normally its the other way round.
  3. Feels very hot and humid in Manchester, yet bbc weather shows 24c, definitely has to be at least 27c
  4. The met office are predicting a poor start to Summer - so looks like a two week doom festival before we see another 23C. Make the most of this week.
  5. Depending on cloud Manchester could easily hit 30c if sunshine can remain constant.
  6. Northern England looks good this week compared to one of the hottest places in UK
  7. I think you got confused with the August 1990 hot spell: August 4 1990 - 37.1 at Cheltenham July 1st 2015 - 36.7 at Heathrow,
  8. On the negative side this upcoming warm spell is like a reminder to the similar warm spell at the end of May 2012. Cant help thinking whats going to come next?
  9. This chart looks like a real classic summer setting up, HP in scandi with the azores creeping in from the SW. Looks like next week we could be touching 30C in May for the first time since a while.
  10. 18z turns into a scorchio lasting right into bank holiday weekend. No downgrades just yet!! This is 9.am next Sunday 28th.
  11. Brilliant charts but just watch it all erode away until we're left with 22/23C in the far south east for just one day only.
  12. "According to long-range forecasts, the UK is set for a series of tepid and unsettled conditions throughout the coming summer months" What a load of freshly dropped tosh that is, id certainly take their 'summery' with a pinch of what they put on fries. Scaremongering springs to mind. A lot of the long range are already pointing to warm and dry conditions.
  13. Tescos have just stocked up a huge barbecue display so maybe they know something we don't . hmmmmm???
  14. Awful looking blue blob on the GFS with compressed isobars on the 2nd day of June? Don't tell me its autumn already .