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  1. I think we going to have a pattern similar to Jan/Feb 2006 where HP is splat bang right over UK sending any LP systems tracking towards Iceland and then Norway. Interestingly we are at about the same level in the solar cycle as we were back then.
  2. I'll avoid the model thread. These days its a hopecasters and straw clutchers thread with far too much credence and attention getting paid to beyond T240.
  3. I wonder if the recent SSW will help boost chances of some favourable blocking for summer?
  4. As always the GFS is in the extended 'guess-work' range. It'll be just another wasted hike up the garden path.
  5. You wont get much cold out of any blocking in March as the sun will be too strong .
  6. Not pointless just GFS and ECM base their outputs on totally different variables
  7. Nice to see 12z is finally moving in the right direction with the SSW and is onto setting up that jackpot blocking. We need the perfect upgrades from now onwards.
  8. Cant see any sign of a Scandi block developing on GFS12 or ECM 12 op.
  9. I'm not a fan of Spring or Autumn and as far as I'm concerned they shouldn't be seasons. To me they are just transition periods between the two main seasons Winter and Summer, a bit like leaving a cold room to go into a warm room. Weatherwise I'm hoping it would be cold and snowy in March then dry and sunny warm later on. A bonus player this Spring is La Nina is heading towards ENSO neutral which increases the chance of dryer and warmer weather.
  10. I don't think spring is in any dash to get here at the moment. SSW and easterlies are on the cards for now.
  11. But still long enough for widespread snow and below zero temps and ice days. Its middle of Feb not middle of April.
  12. Next weeks cold spell is melting away rapidly has to be said. Also nothing really cold in the ECM ensembles but nothing really mild either so no sign of any prolonged cold spell on the horizon just yet. The Scandi high continues to develop and keeps the cold air from moving in.
  13. Not sure how this week is being described as the "coldest so far this winter"? Were we not down to -10 on 11/12/13 December last year?
  14. GFS ens has cold conditions right out until mid Feb: http://www.wetterzentrale.de/en/show_diagrams.php?geoid=49987&model=gfs&var=2&run=0&lid=ENS&bw