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  1. Its not over the top at all, I'm just saying what I think based on this becoming locked pattern. Another very dull summer month likely on the way by the looks of it. GFS with non stop low pressure, low temperatures, showers or longer spells of rain and wind. The jet stream is too far south and is struggling with the door wide open for as many low pressure systems as it wants to come along and dump the atlantic on us.
  2. Looking at sypnotics and latest charts I do have a feeling we could be writing off August/rest of summer as we enter an unusual and very unseasonal August unsettled pattern with a sudden awoken Atlantic. But lets not forget a cooler and wet second half to summer was already on the cards in the model outlooks which appear to be coming to fruit. These patterns can stick like superglue if they continue the way they're heading and it could be mid-September before we get any next decent dry and warm spell.
  3. The excellent summers we've had in the past weren't normal either in my opinion. Just over the top barmy hot weather that isn't UK standard. If 1976 hadn't occurred I think peoples expectations of summer time would be a lot different. Meanwhile 18z looks ok next week for Monday, Tuesday & Weds. Southern and Central parts likely to see finest days but getting cloudier and wetter further North. Thursday to Sunday look and smell like dirty urinals.
  4. Is that yet another large trough forming and ready to hurtle towards us in the bottom picture?
  5. Well do we or don't we want decent weather and a trough free week next week? Yet when a decent upgrade appears it just gets thrown back into GFS's face and accused of being a 'pub' run. Well I'm happy with what its showing, no complaints from me, gotta clutch any straw possible at this rate. Brilliant upgrade on previous runs and so was ECM!! Lets hope they keep up the good work!
  6. A miserable outlook according to Ben Rich on the beebs WFTWA, according to him theres no ridge next week and the low remains over and across the UK. http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/
  7. Agreed with an earlier post, current set ups looking similar to that from end of July 2003. All is needed is a slight rise in heights over scandi and we could be in the money . Even GFS picked up a similar scenario the other day then dropped it next run.
  8. I think it was recorded at a time before the UKMO 12z came out and Ben Rich was following the 00z
  9. ECM surely not? Has anyone ever seen such a vile set up in the start of Summer holidays?
  10. 12z is very much improved next week compared to the recent horror charts. Azores finally winning out the weather next week. Still 7 days away so expect further improvements or more major misery
  11. 6z isn't as bad as it looks with the trough pushing NE and allowing a ridge to build in from the west so I think next week could be East/West split with Western parts likely to be dry and Eastern parts showery. Meanwhile ECM has another dartboard waiting in the wings!!!
  12. Don't understand GFS, it should never be trusted. Where has that low gone that was destined to sit over us for the next 10 days and beyond?
  13. Lets not get too over excited over this one ECM run. My thoughts is its probably drunk and it will be back to business come tomorrow morning!
  14. 12z has just rolled out - and its just as vile as the last run so not going to bother posting the charts.
  15. I think models are a bit over the top with this cool pool sitting over the UK for a few days next week. It'll either drift east or southeast, sitting right over the UK looks like an exaggeration, we've seen things like this before , It would be an amazing model prediction if it did come off this way since it was picked up ten days out. Funny how models can never pick up a ridge at this range and keep it going, its always the troughs never the ridges.