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  1. Aren't the SSTs around the UK very warm for September? This so not a good sign for those who are after a cold winter. A mild winter like 2006/7 springs to mind, following on with some flooding issues come 2021
  2. Not much to get excited about today unless your in the South! The N/S split in full swing likely to close out the final 25C day of this year Its only 17C here in Cheshire right now after a slow & chilly start.
  3. Are lightning maps accurate though? The maps could show a lightning strike 150 miles away but when its actually about 50 miles away. A bit like pinpointing your location where your logged in on facebook for example when you check your logged in status it often shows your logged in places about 100 miles away....Dont lightning strikes use the same GPS signals to determine where they happened ?
  4. This upcoming "summer" spell isn't really much to get excited about if your a fan of heat living north of Manchester. Why are we struggling in low to mid 20s ?
  5. Is there no thread for "summer 2020 how was it for you?" Well just to sum this summer up in my opinion I really would like to place it into the bin of foul summers and look forward to the next one , but theres something about this years that really makes it one to remember. The Mid June thunderstorms and late June heatwave, The cold days in July i will want to forget but then comes a flirt with a continental heatwave on the extreme scale and yet another shoot at the temp record. and the most intense storms Ive witnessed over my head for about 6 hours. In my neck of the woods we very
  6. There was a short hot spell around the 5th that lasted for a few days. The wet was most likely from thunderstorms and some nights not dropping below 19C
  7. I have a feeling September will resume where May left off - Warm and dry, perhaps another shot at some heat and thunder before the sun crosses into the Southern Hemisphere on 21st.
  8. BBC app was last night showing 26C for Manchester today now its dropped the figure to just 23C. Very cloudy and muggy but even places just 15 miles heading northwest into Liverpool are at 26/27C.
  9. To me it just looks like a continuation right into the weekend of heatwave conditions but its more focused overnight. Maybe down on daytime mid 30s but over night temps still look very warm with 19C in London and high teens elsewhere and with high humid levels still holding firm. Keep them fans and air cons running.
  10. Amazing storm passing over South Manchester right now. Vicious lightning and loud thunder, torrential rain.
  11. Very muggy and warm in Manchester its still 27c at 22.00. Feels like the tropics especially when you've been inside a chilled supermarket for 15 minutes and then walk back outside you can feel the heat and humid biting right away. Met office app has nothing below 22C all night.
  12. latest GFS keeps the warm weather well into next week. Gone is the extreme heat, but warmth holds on. Low to mid 20s for all.
  13. If you think today is hot and oppressive wait until tomorrow as its likely to be hotter. 32/33C likely up the M1 corridor into South Yorkshire, heat confined mostly inland and away from the coast.
  14. Still 23C in my back yard - roasting warm and enjoying a good firework show currently passing over ⚡
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