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  1. Another boring Winter looms.. It'll be the same old chesnut, with the coldest 850s really struggling due to sods law producing all sorts of complicated synoptics. Just seems like we will be waiting forever for that cold and snowy month.
  2. Yes very continental like and feeling tropical in the warm pitch black darkness, already its four hours into darkness and its still boiling in the city which is very unusual for September, very rarely do we get warm pitch blackness in Summer let alone September.. But this heatwave is nothing compared to Sept 2011 which exceeded 28C for a number of days and was at the end of September and not early Sept.
  3. According to XC weather its still 28C at Gloucestershire Airport at 21:50. If this is not a malfunction then it must feel like Cyprus in mid July round there in pitch black aswell.
  4. Isn't it too early for a Winter thread? Just like Summer threads always get locked until late April if they are started right at start of Spring. I think the same should apply to Winter threads.
  5. Night times this week are expected to be around 19C across much of England which won't be pleasant and will still be 23C at 10pm in some spots which was just as warm as some nights during the July heatwave, if not warmer.
  6. Its only Sept 5th of course its not going to feel like Autumn just yet.. The Northern hemisphere is still warm. Mid 30Cs still possible in the UK until around 20th. Autumn doesn't officially begin until 21st.
  7. Nice charts I agree, but just wait for all the usual model downgrades & frowngrades in the next day or so.
  8. Lots of cloud around today and surpressed temperatures despite being underneath a large ridge of HP. Reminds me of 26th July when it was blue skies and 25C despite being under LP and trough.
  9. Looks like Winter begins on the first day of ermmm Autumnn
  10. If the latest GFS was a bouquet of flowers they'd be going straight into the dustbin for smelling of . Trough sprinting right across the Atlantic and halts right over UK for four days scoring another bullseye yet again.
  11. Whats going on? Seems GFS has dropped the idea of a decent heatwave it was showing a few days ago just to continue with the same old trough and crud.
  12. Whats going on with the netweather GFS update? Seems to be stuck at 99% on GFS 12z
  13. GFS 12z is awful...........................for warmth fans and high pressure haters
  14. Found some met office forecasts from 2050 on you tube
  15. 850s of 30C in spain and GFS is doing its very best to prevent any of it coming our way. Another run marked and checked for the recycle bin.
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