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  1. It wasnt just record surface temperatures in 2019 but record upper temps too. Most of the country under 31 to 35C uppers in June.
  2. Im sure this thread is just going to turn into a "spring 2020" thread. The signs of spring don't really start kicking in until Feb/March.
  3. Jan/Feb A continuation of the Atlantic and being bashed by mild South Westerlies, even feeling very warm and springlike for January and humid in febuary. March A cold snap in the early part of the month but a soon swing back to Atlantic. A boring mild and wet month with temperatures struggling to fall below 13 degrees for most of the month. April First taste of Summer will occur late month, April 2011 echos. But still very Atlantic driven and mild and wet. Warmest day of the year so far occurring on the 27th nudging 27°C in Cambridge. May A Good pleasant dry and warm month. Lots of pleasant days to enjoy as the Jet Stream goes calm and then Northern blocking starts to take hold late in May June A dull and cloudy wet month full of rain and wind with daytime temps remaining around average, becoming very warm and humid late in the month but a miserable month lacking in sunshine July Another dull month, more wet days. Spanish plume will occur mid month with a hot spell lasting 2 days. Hottest day of the year will reach 33° on the 14th. August One for the bin° September Sunny and dry, lots of summer warmth. Heatwave early in the month temperatures around 26 to 29° for all. October Losing the sunny and dry theme, becoming mild and becoming wet, then becoming cold and wet. November Cold, wet and very autumnal. Brief snowfall in the late days of the month. December Autumnal month, slushy wet Christmas and mild. Atlantic driven.
  4. I think there will be some surprises up winters sleeve this year..... When was the last time we had very disruptive pre-winter solstice snowfall?? 2010..
  5. The memorable part of the summer for me is living in Manchester and watching the late July thunderstorm at 2.00am and it was still 25C outside. And then it was 34C the following day with the worst humid weather Ive felt. Just shows that severe heatwaves are not always going to be 'London Only' events and they also seem to be occurring more frequently. The record breaking upper 850s are what the weather experts will be studying and why UK saw such extreme 850s and when they are most likely to be occurring again. Also just shows what to expect from heatwaves if such a synoptic pattern got locked in for longer and how uncomfortable it will be at nights, and with so many summers now frequently getting temperatures in the mid 30s its only a matter of time before something really extreme and severe gets stuck in a locked pattern. I also think that the prolonged negative NAO this summer could be responsible for the record breaking heat. Its also worth noting that the previous July temp record (36.7) was set in 2015 so it was only four years old before it went. And even before that the record was 9 years old (36.5 in 2006).
  6. Latest gfs shows Tuesday shaping up to become another nationwide hot day, maxes of 31/32C in London and 27/28 elsewhere
  7. GEM would most certainly bring in nationwide spell of heat if it came off. Been a long time since Manchester touched 32C in August....
  8. Gravesend on bbc app showing 39C probably the highest the bbc have used for a UK location
  9. I cant believe these are the temperatures that the windows 10 weather app are forecasting for Manchester over the coming days - awfully poor predictions.
  10. Blimey, GFS 6z joins last nights ECM 12 and turns on the blowtorch full force. Night time minimums next Thursday morning in London don't drop below 27C all night and yet still very warm elsewhere. By Friday morning its about 25C over much of the UK at 3am!!! Very dangerous levels of heat for the daytime with increased levels of humidity so will be uncomfortable. Definitely echos of August 2003 next week on the 6z.
  11. Well if this particular GFS 12z is right it would have places like Birmingham and Manchester locked into several days of 33/34C if you can add on 3C. Its like a balmy blowtorch from start of next week lasting well into week two. This is like a heat lovers dream for this very synoptic pattern to occur in late July. Some local records would most definitely go, would also challenge the all time night low of 24C in Brighton aswell.
  12. There is too much flip flopping in the runs with an Atlantic trough at moment for any potential heat. One model run its mid 30s blowtorch and the next its low to mid 20s. It wont be until at least this weekend until more is nailed down thats for sure. But if I had to take a bet my money would be on all the heat being shifted up towards Netherlands and just skimming the SE just like its done on many occasions in the Summer.
  13. Its St. Swithins day tomorrow , And funnily enough the models show the rain coming this week aswell!!! Lets hope this week doesn't turn into 40 days and nights of rain, troughing and low pressure Just a classic example of a typical summer pattern that set up in mid July and becoming the pattern that determined August.
  14. GFS looks to be trending away from a heatwave in the last week of July with ensembles trending much cooler than shown 3 days ago. EC seems to be going the opposite way and trending towards hotter conditions. 00z Control run has a hot S/SE flow into the UK at end of July with blocking over N Europe.
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