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  1. The song your looking for is Wishing I was Lucky by the same group
  2. Evening all how many threads in here these days? Seems to be one for general model chat, one for serious model chat, one for light hearted model chat, one for whinge about the models chat...now I just got confused as where I should've posted this so I'll just leave it here
  3. ICON 12Z op has no real no blocking or any H pressure- or v cold air right out to the 27th.
  4. A strange year will defo go down as one to remember and not one to forget. Summer 2018 which came along in April and set down for 3 months that blew Summer 2013 right out of the water was the classic highlight of the year, watching world cup games in the sunshine and not rain. Summer 18 was bizarre in a way as it lacked in big continental heat and thunderstorms compared to many hot summers of the past just as winter often lacks in freezing fog and snow compared to winters of the 1980s.
  5. 38.5*C

    Predictions for 2019?

    WINTER Just a continuation of the same pattern we've seen all December with LP not to far away. The SSW will bring zilch and do nothing for us as far as easterlies are concerned. This winter will finish up being another disappointing snowless season SPRING March will record the first 20C of the year. a very above average Spring for sunshine with May bringing yet another above average month for Sunshine. Drought threats start to loom once more. SUMMER Cant really see it being a poor summer like some are suggesting. If brilliant summers always come in pairs then summer 2019 will either be: (1) a slightly less dryer version of 2018 with longer spells of wetter weather with LP close by and some furnace style southernly heatwave in July but any breakdown and the azores high will always fight back.. (2) An equally warm and dry summer as was 2018 with equally or bigger heat due HP rises from south or south east and not the west as in 2018. Drought conditions begin. August will be once more be the poorest month of the three. AUTUMN HP dominated for most of the season with a slow return to normal Autumnal weather by November. Wet and windy days start becoming more frequent from end of Septembers. WINTER The first major pre-Christmas snowfall since 2010. It will be a wow month for coldies. But with a gradual return to wetter and windier weather by January 2020.
  6. I thought I'd say Happy Christmas to all. Hope you all have an amazing Christmas and I hope we get some exciting weather next year.
  7. An SSW isn't always a ticket to cold and snow - Winter 2000/2001 is an example
  8. These are the runs ive been watching http://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/cfse_cartes.php?ech=360&mode=0&carte=0&run=12
  9. CFS seems very determined on a mild pest from the west themed December rather than an icy beast from the east. I've been watching this run for a couple of weeks now and run after run it seems consistent with stormy conditions, some runs just continue the same stormy theme right into middle of January 2019.
  10. 38.5*C

    Winter 2018/19

    I don't think we should be taking any long range forecasts as the gospel. Lessons should've been learnt by now! But the one thing im sure of this winter is it will be alot colder and darker
  11. I will remember 2018 for its dryness more than its warmth. Seemed to be a strange lack of Southernlies this year apart from 26/27 July but i am disappointed because Manchester never got much intense heat and humidity like we do in big summers. Probably the first big summer ive known with brilliant sypnotics where Manchester never had a single 25C at midnight.
  12. What are peoples hopes and thoughts on this coming winter? The jet stream has been crazy this year so I am thinking a stormy Winter with some very warm December days. And beast from the East may just possibly may get an attack the way blocking has been so far this year.
  13. Well after the usual August it looks like High pressure is set to make a big come back over the next few weeks with a big ridge across N Europe and dragging up some Spanish delight. Major models seem to be reaching agreement on this. If this September can reach 28C I cant think of a year where 28C has been hit every month since April.
  14. 11.8. The long run of above average months has to end sometime. After the warm week coming it'll go rather wintery and chilly
  15. Where has summer 2018 gone? Whos flushed it down the pan cos im surprised its being compared with 1976 and 1995 still. There have been loads of features missing this summer such as strong Southernly plumes. Why Is it we can we get a southernly in crap summers like 2007 and 2012 yet could'nt gain a single gush of S'ly air in 2018???