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  1. GFS 6z doesn't look as toasty as the 00z as the heat seems to be more concentrated across Eastern England on the 6z (Mon to Wed), But becoming more widespread from Thursday & Friday (Pushed back again).
  2. 38.5*C

    Autumn 2018

    Id think autumn might be more of the same of what we've been seeing since May with more blocking highs, dryness and a Jet stream always being pushed North. I feel this drought is going to worsen and last well into next year.
  3. GFS 12 is utterly vile please bin it!!! I know D8 its long way off but cant help thinking we're back to the flabby Atlantic and low pressure from next week just as schools break up and theres a hosepipe ban on the horizon. I await the ECM...
  4. Not so "incredible" when your living in Manchester sat underneath 20C and thundery clouds and then checking the weather apps for London and theyre all showing '29C'. Id call that "ridiculous" considering the temperature difference. Should've been at least 26/27C here.
  5. Hosepipe ban for NW England coming into effect from 5th Aug. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-44850128
  6. ECM is barmy hot but I think its OTT at moment so I will refrain from posting any smiley emotioncons until all three main models reach an agreement and im seeing this heat within 72 range and not 144. How many times do we see plumes and major heat get watered down until its a non-event? I think reality is needed - next week is still FI.
  7. Lovin some of the model runs lately, but what are the chances of an Aug 2003 repeat from this set up?? Wasn't that a similar set up with HP over Scandi and C Europe with a low to the West that resulted in 10 days of mid 30s??
  8. Totally gutted England are out but at least we made it to the semi finals..But as far as weather is concerned we are already in the finals for this years summer and still signs in the models that summer is coming home this year despite the current hiccups
  9. Uk weather is full of surprises. Heres a mid August prediction
  10. Funny looking temperature chart from 18z. Its shows 28C in London but about just 10 miles north its only 18C ?
  11. pop over to GFS it ends your rain worrys, probably marking the beginning of some major flooding worrys
  12. Well if the gfs 06z is right id make the most of this week and the weekend before the Atlantic turns into a trough breeding ground.
  13. gfs and ecm reminds me of the last week of July 2017. A similar LP stalling just NW of the UK bringing the first write off period of Summer 2017 so far.
  14. 12z looking miles better than recent runs. Atlantic green snot kept well to the North. May this prolonged heatwave continue