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  1. 38.5*C

    Winter 2018/19

    I don't think we should be taking any long range forecasts as the gospel. Lessons should've been learnt by now! But the one thing im sure of this winter is it will be alot colder and darker
  2. I will remember 2018 for its dryness more than its warmth. Seemed to be a strange lack of Southernlies this year apart from 26/27 July but i am disappointed because Manchester never got much intense heat and humidity like we do in big summers. Probably the first big summer ive known with brilliant sypnotics where Manchester never had a single 25C at midnight.
  3. What are peoples hopes and thoughts on this coming winter? The jet stream has been crazy this year so I am thinking a stormy Winter with some very warm December days. And beast from the East may just possibly may get an attack the way blocking has been so far this year.
  4. Well after the usual August it looks like High pressure is set to make a big come back over the next few weeks with a big ridge across N Europe and dragging up some Spanish delight. Major models seem to be reaching agreement on this. If this September can reach 28C I cant think of a year where 28C has been hit every month since April.
  5. 11.8. The long run of above average months has to end sometime. After the warm week coming it'll go rather wintery and chilly
  6. Where has summer 2018 gone? Whos flushed it down the pan cos im surprised its being compared with 1976 and 1995 still. There have been loads of features missing this summer such as strong Southernly plumes. Why Is it we can we get a southernly in crap summers like 2007 and 2012 yet could'nt gain a single gush of S'ly air in 2018???
  7. When its in range though. Nothing lovely about it being an FI outlier. Its the cool and unsettled road now i'm afraid.
  8. What we're seeing in the models now is the slow transtition into normal UK standard weather patterns. Its not going to happen overnight from dry to wet, the unsettled "blips" will start becoming more frequent and prolonged while at the same time the dryer and warmer spells will slowly start becoming the "blips". August is a sign that autumn is coming.
  9. Looks to me on the 12z that summer is over from mid-week onwards, although it was over at end of July away from the South. been quite a poor mans 1976/1995 lately for the majority of the country away from the SE with no real warmth or sunshine. All plume signals have gone and we're now left with a little n/s split for a few days before Atlantic mobility and possibility of deeper lows as August progresses along with a temperature drop, ensembles show support and a good signal for this. Rainfall is expected to be patchy in the South and more prolonged and wetter in the North.
  10. I don't recall 30C last Thursday? It was 27C according to the BBC weather app when I was in the city centre. I'm still very surprised how we've lacked in heat this year compared to other big summers. Im not saying Manchester should be getting the high temps that SE England get but we should be seeing at least 28C days during heatwaves by now and not stuck in the low to mid 20's all the time. Very poor.
  11. 50C looking likely across southern Europe and shame we're not tapping anywhere near it., Murphys Law?
  12. A very poor heatwave in my opinion for Manchester because its not had a single day hitting 30C. All the other big heatwave years, 76, 83, 90, 95, 2003/06 saw 31 or 32C get hit across a number of days, 2018 very poor here as far as heat is concerned. This summer will be remembered mainly for its dryness.
  13. 38C didn't happen in recorded history up until 2003, but it happened. Sypnotics fell into place so who says they wont fall into place this time? We're close enough.
  14. 23C in Aug 1990 just clipping across Brighton overnight
  15. Its showing 30C for Manchester. So surely its wrong.