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  1. The GFS 18z is quite a toasty op with everyday seeing at least 25C somewhere in the UK right up to almost the end.
  2. 38.5*C

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    20 years since the last major drought which was 1995 to 1997. I believe major ones come round once every 20 years or so, 1955, 1975/6, 1995/6/7, 2018?? I think the period Jan 2010 - Feb 2012 fell in the bracket of a lengthy dry period, despite a rather near average period of rain in the summer, autumn and early winter of 2011/2012. The Autumn 1988 - Summer 1992 was a very lengthy dry period interspersed with the odd wetter season such as Spring 1992. The winters of 88/89 and 89/90 were very dry over much of England and Wales with the jetstream far to the north, though Scotland was wet. Summer 89 and 90 were very dry. Winter 91/92 was unusually dry. Whether we are entering once again a drier than average period is far too early to call, its only been the last 4-5 weeks have been notably dry. April, May 1980 were two very dry months but followed and preceded by near average rainfall.
  3. Well I hope the Atlantic stays dead. It seems to be in no mood to come and punish us just yet for this silly month!
  4. GFS 12z is looking rather toasty with temps around 23/24C right into June! It all a long way off yet so plenty of time for subtle changes. I feel a refreshing break coming on from all this HP domination with some cool and wet days before HP moves back in from the West.
  5. 12z switches on the oven next week. THREE days of temps into low 30's for SE with even Northern England receiving the some of the delightful humidity and high 20s, Was going to post the charts to post but looks like ive been saved the job!
  6. Lovin the 06z ensembles from GFS, 850 temps rising each run. Could be a blowtorch bank holiday weekend with a thunderstorm or five before Spring is out http://www.meteociel...t=1&x=305&y=177
  7. Is it me or is GFS 12z just one belter of a run, Entering into June and HP well established across Scandi again with a warm to hot E'ly flow. FI (Fantasy Imagination) I know but this looks like a nice step into 1976 territory.
  8. I'm aware its in FI and its two weeks away and I'm aware FI should be took with a pinch of salt but I think you missed the part I said lots can change. This is model chat not High pressure chat.
  9. Lots could change but all recent GFS 18z. 00z and 06z gives June a dogs breakfast start with below average temps.
  10. looks pretty nationwide to me even scotland getting some warmth
  11. Looks dodgy heading into June.....
  12. Its only middle of May!!!! Even the best classic summers of 1976, 1983 etc had their unsettled moments in Spring!! Take outliers with a huge lorry load of salt
  13. ECM 12z very nice but not as warm as the 00z but still dry and pleasant along with Azores and Scandi fighting it out for the UK. Fingers crossed it will continue with a good strong link up between the two because blocking like this can last well into September but I do have a gut feeling it will all go down the pan come June, Late May 2012 is an example of brilliant early summertime sypnotics being snatched away from under our noses. .
  14. Don't blame me blame the model output for suggesting it.