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  1. What chances do we think for some homegrown stuff this afternoo or early evening? Worth keeping an eye on the radar?
  2. So close yet so far here in Didcot. Bit of rain and distant rumbles
  3. Out of interest anyone know the highest cape value recorded in the UK?
  4. Seen at least 5 strikes as well. Attracked by the tower maybe 20160616_164820.mp4
  5. Apologies for the quality. Long way from storm but funnel observed
  6. Basic question I'm sure, but what does that potentially indicate?
  7. Hi everyone. Newbie here, been following the model thread but it would appear asking questions in there isn't very well regarded so.... Where do i find out about what models are, when they run and what the abbreviations are that everyone uses? I did try the learner area but found it a little difficult to use Ta
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