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  1. I’ve been to Orlando over 40 times in the last 25 years, and the storms are always a massive highlight for me! This picture was from September 5th 2017 when a strong squall line moved through Orlando from the west. Only a phone pic whilst i was enjoying a beer and watching the light show! 2 trips booked this year although not in peak storm time. Over the years I’ve found June to be the best for them ???
  2. Is anyone here around the Banbury, Oxfordshire area? I never know what region they put it under! Meant to be visiting family tomorrow and wondered what the snow situation was up there ??
  3. Well that was another bust for Essex! Woke up so the slightest of slight slush deposits on cars only and now it’s pouring with rain ? Drove from Maldon to Basildon without seeing anything other than rain with a few flakes mixed in. Unless it’s an easterly it’s just a complete waste of time ? This winter promised so much but has been an utter disappointment. Spring & Summer now please!
  4. I can’t put any trust in these charts at all, they may as well not exist. I’ve had 4 hours of heavy rain here tonight in Essex when these charts a few days ago were showing a decent snow event. I’ve not even made the transition to sleet! ??
  5. How long till summer? This “Winter” has really wound me up and I’m fed up with it.? The band is now starting to decay and we’ve had solid non stop rain for 4 hours. It’s absolutely pathetic ??
  6. Still absolutely pouring with rain here in Maldon, Essex.? I can see this being a massive disappointment! The puddles are huge it’s been raining for hours ?
  7. Been raining for the last hour and a half in Maldon, Essex. No sign of anything wintry yet and the ground is absolutely soaked ?
  8. The latest Beeb forcast at 21:25 had Paris and most of France expecting 10-20 cms of OUR SNOW! ? However there was also a large area of snow over the entire SE and EA for tomorrow so maybe we will see something a little decent ??
  9. Am i the only one in here getting very nervous now that this low pressure is just going to dive into France and we’ll end up with nothing as usual? The latest GFS for tuesday seems to put into a fair way into central France ??
  10. MOD thread is a mess because you’ve got those in the North that are happy at the output and those in the South moaning and throwing toys! All i want to see is a little snow, is that really asking too much? ??
  11. This is what confuses me about the MOD thread. Everyone is always chasing day 10 charts showing Narnia and often ignore what is potentially coming up! So in terms of us in the SE/EA are we still looking good for some snow next week?
  12. This forcasts on the been now really are a complete load of toss! At 955pm last night Saturday was going to be a washout and on Sunday they had 50mph winds over us. Roll forward to 16:25 today and Saturday is now totally dry and Sunday is wet but the winds are 14mph ?? Its utterly shambolic
  13. Snowing in Maldon, nothing to write home about but I’m working outside and it’s nice to see ?
  14. And i missed that as i was in the Caribbean! Hence my impatience at waiting for a decent snow event. Knowing my luck it will come end of feb/early march when I’m away again ??
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