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  1. Well with today being the last day of cold i think it’s time to sum up this cold spell. Days of falling snow = 6 Days of lying snow = 7+ (Still plenty around) Ice Days Icicles (The best since Feb 91!) Biting easterly wind Overall I’d give it 8/10 tbh. I missed the 2018 spell as i was on holiday so for me this has easily been the best and snowiest spell since December 2010! And to see videos of the sea at Southend frozen i think demonstrates how cold it has been! I’d welcome another beast before the end of winter but if it’s not to be then I’ve had my snow fix so roll on some warmth
  2. I’d put today down as the coldest day of this spell here too. I’ve worked outside in it all week and today was the only day I’ve been cold, that wind was absolutely biting!
  3. Been snowing in Brentwood for the last hour, only light but still a suprise! Bitterly cold in the wind. A very decent cold spell I’d say
  4. Well this cold spell has been more than decent! Woke up again to another powder dusting, thats 5 days of falling snow and we’ve had just over 12 cms I’d guess. It was sunny when i left Heybridge, now in Basildon and it’s like a winter wonderland. The showers overnight have obviously been concentrated more down this way. ️️
  5. Been absolutely chucking it down in Brentwood for the last 20 mins, some of the heaviest snow I’ve seen! Parked for 10 minutes to do a delivery and the windscreen had fully covered over
  6. Well this cold spell, after a slightly delayed start has been rather good! Went out to go to work this morning and we easily had another 2 inches overnight, probably nearer 3. Very suprising! Its still snowing now. ️
  7. Really coming down still here! I got in from work at 6pm and it was snowing and now the van and all the tracks i left in the road and driveway are fully covered again. Very dry snow, blowing around nicely in the wind ️
  8. Still snowing here and now even the main roads are being covered again. Yesterday 6cm or so had frozen to the van with a lovely inch of powder on top which must have fallen in the night Its absolutely baltic out there now! Hopefully this keeps up all day
  9. Well the radar didn’t look promising before bed last night but I’ve woken up to maybe another CM or 2 so the showers must have got going overnight. Everything is now covered including the roads and paths and the rest of the lying snow has been topped up, it looks absolutely baltic out there! ️ ️ Snow is coming down again now
  10. Well about 1hr before dark the temperature finally dropped enough to allow the roads and paths to be dusted after being soaked all day long. All other sufaces have around 5cm but we had dripping all day so with a degree or 2 colder we would have been absolutely buried! Everything is now frozen solid and the wind is absolutely biting
  11. Settling more readily now on most surfaces as the temperature has finally dropped below freezing, just a shame it’s dropped off so late in the day! Cars which had lost their cover earlier are now covered again. Hopefully a few more hours of this
  12. Amazing the differences locally. Here we have wet snow which has been melting almost as fast as it’s falling . Everything is covered bar roads and paths which are soaking wet. At a guess I’d say we have many 4cms on shed roof and car roof, rest of the car it has slid off as it’s so wet
  13. Pretty big let down here so far Its snowed since about 8am but it just isn’t cold enough. Roads and Paths are soaked and it’s melting off the cars despite it still snowing. Really didn’t think melting would be an issue
  14. Really suprised that the roads and paths are still just soaking wet. Everywhere else is covered and it’s pretty heavy here again now. Even when had a dusting a few weeks back the roads and paths covered easily
  15. If the flakes get any smaller here they will be impossible to see! I’ve got a thin covering but things really need to pick up if this amber warning is to be justified
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