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  1. It's been a terrible year. Everything seems to kick off North and East of me. I reckon Wiltshire & Gloucestershire has been the worst place for storms this year
  2. The view looking across to the Isle of Wight from Boscombe beach. All the action is East of here.
  3. I am Witney as well and it is a plane from Brize. Been flying round for the last 30 mins! All this stuff on the South coast should be with us by 1.30am I reckon if it keeps going. Seems to be expanding on the Western side
  4. Lasts nights BBC forecast assumed this rain sweeping down in a SE direction would have petered out to nothing by the time it got to the Midlands. Clearly this is not the case & nothing is happening in the south east either. Pretty poor tbf
  5. BBC forecast earlier suggesting storms in South on Wednesday moving to affect more northern areas on Thursday. Seems like this setup of high pressure over south of UK with a low over the continent could be around for another week or so
  6. Last night was typical of my luck over recent years. The London storm was approaching Oxford but seemed to lose it's energy as it went through. Nothing but rain all night for me. Still I'm on the edge of today's MDT zone so here's hoping
  7. Where is that London cell headed. I'm tempted to go East of Oxford if it's worth it
  8. North West, maybe even WNW, but seem to have a slightly more northerly track than 2 hours ago
  9. There will be a lot of moisture at Liverpool John Lennon from 4am when the first planefuls of tearful Scousers start to land! I will be in South Oxfordshire tonight so inside the MDT zone. Could be interesting.. ...
  10. And so begins the annual inevitable disappointment when nothing happens in my area! Still, I think the anticipation is almost as exciting.....
  11. And the gap of nothingness between Bath & Swindon continues.......
  12. I think these are the most exciting and at the same time the worst moments. You can see it all developing on the radar, read the forecasts telling you what may happen and where and yet there is still that fear that the only action you will see is on YouTube later! I'm hoping for some action in the C/S Midlands later, hopefully after dark. Even my kids are excited about seeing something although that will probably change when it does happen! Leaving work in an hour and settling down to watch the NW radar.......
  13. Well I'm going on holiday to Dorset for a week on the 21st so a week of hot weather and a few storms thrown in would be brilliant. Not heard a rumble since May
  14. Talk of a 'thundery breakdown' on the BBC forecast tonight around the middle of next week, but uncertainties around whether it would be due to air coming up from the South or in from the West
  15. The track of that storm in France looks like Southampton, Basingstoke, Reading, Milton Keynes etc which is pretty much in line with the MOD area on the earlier Convective Weather forecast
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