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  1. Appears to be directly West, so that big Reading storm is going South of us
  2. Gave up looking at the radar an hour ago due to the massive gap of nothing to my east and the fact I have barely seen the sun all day with just 22C when I drove home. Just checked it now and there has been a sudden build up in the usual Milton Keynes area, so looking forward to watching it head north of me!
  3. Walked into town and back under that big storm. Very underwhelming with some reasonable IC lightning but the roads are barely wet!
  4. Todays initiation is earlier, further South & further East than yesterday. Could be an interesting afternoon for the South Midlands and beyond!
  5. UK Weather Updates on Twitter @UKWX_ Just an weather enthusiast, although he does have 14k followers
  6. Some severe weather expected by @UKWX_ ! Looks like another day of everything starting to happen after 7pm
  7. Those 2 systems in N France look like they might be about to combine into one huge thing!
  8. The BBC were talking about a trapped low in the Bay of Biscay around next tues/weds last night? Looks like it could be the usual excitement for southerners before it all kicks off around Northampton and moves northwards....
  9. That stretch from Milton Keynes to Kings Lynn seems to get a lot of activity when storms move across in a NW direction
  10. I thought we had very high amounts of Cape last summer during the very hot spell when it hit 38C but there was just no trigger at all & it all shunted away at the end anyway. Surely cape means nothing without a trigger? Although I understand it's all about the 'potential'!
  11. Looks like the Reading cell will end up to our South and anything coming out of London will probably end up North. Still stuff developing though, so it's not a bust yet...
  12. I can't believe how heavy that rain is down in the South West, whilst here in W Oxfordshire I have had to water the garden once again as the ground remains rock hard. Barely any rain and not a rumble heard all year. I think there is a corridor from Oxford stretching West to take in Glos and Wilts that has seen nothing majorly connective for a good couple of years. Hence, I can't get excited about any potential for the weekend as it will all undoubtedly be North & East of me. Bah!
  13. It will be the usual this week: Expectations of a MCS moving up from France leading to promises of chasing. Slight dampening of expectations by Tuesday night from latest runs. A few small cells will form around the Bedfordshire area before moving East over East Anglia into the North Sea. We all moan about being members of the no storms club & look forward to the next event in July! ?
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