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  1. Why haven't they told us the locations of today's cases?
  2. Would it be possible for a virus to spread as easily as this one with a 10%+ death rate as that would be scary.
  3. Had a rain/hail shower earlier which turned to wet snow for a couple of minutes but nothing settled.
  4. The Wye reached over 6m in Hereford for the first time since 1795!
  5. It means nothing that somewhere got a freak cold event. In the end the last few years have been the hottest in recorded history with many heat records broken every year across the world. Just because somewhere gets a rare snow event doesn't change the global trend.
  6. Squall line passing over: intense rain and some strong gusts but nothing too bad
  7. Yesterday was very foggy with thick fog all day that never cleared and started with a slight frost. Today had no frost and started with some fog but that cleared to give way to dull grey skies. At least we had weather that resembled winter these past few days!
  8. It's a decent flood here but nothing like 2013. That was definitely the highest flood.
  9. It's been a wet last couple of weeks and again this morning but I think I've seen 5 rainbows in just a week including three on one day!
  10. Thunder here about every thirty seconds but no rain. The thunder is classic deep rolling thunder ?
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