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  1. Just wanted to mention I was walking down a lane near Winsley yesterday and I saw a frog ; then I went around the corner and there were dozens of them all just hopping along the path and they were nowhere else along the lane just that one corner
  2. Jan: Mild and wet with a few cool spells at the end of the month. Feb: Cool with strong storms at the start of the month followed by a mainly dry second half. Mar: Cool with sunny and cloudy days and a few frosts at the end of the month with potential for snow in Scotland/Lakes area. Apr: The first week may see some snow and chilly conditions across the north and frosts throughout the country but it becomes more mild and rainy as the month goes on. May: Very rainy with average temperatures across the whole month. Jun: Less rainy than May with the potential of some thun
  3. Reports of a second shooting... Unbelievable
  4. End of a sunset from a very nice day.
  5. Today the sun rose at 5:36 am and will set at 20:54 pm here.
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