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  1. Rain’s finally ending here as the north of the low decayed but wow, it just didn’t stop!
  2. I've know people personally and unless you're famous most tests are taking from 3 days to a week to come back at the minute.
  3. Schools starting to shut anyway because there's not enough staff.
  4. Is there a way to slow the immune system so it doesn't cause so much damage?
  5. We were also very close to Switzerland last week.
  6. Not another cruise! They should stop them all for a while.
  7. Some of my family in isolation after contact with a positive case. In Devon btw.
  8. Those numbers are similar to the cruise ship which was 0.6-0.8% so probably around that number.
  9. Most people would be fine going but I wouldn't take an at risk person there until it was cleaned.
  10. Its nice to know the locations if you have an elderly relative to make sure they aren't going near any hotspots. Hopefully the authorities would alert you anyway if it was nearby.
  11. I was just wondering as they're normally in the 2pm update but obviously they were later today.
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