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  1. Yep same here, was only showing light snow and even some sleet earlier: 👍
  2. Lightningmaps is more accurate with actual storms overhead, with a thundershower I had earlier this year Blitzortung missed more close strikes, but yeah watch out for the false strikes
  3. Looks like Langdon Bay could actually beat the record, it’s risen back to 25.5
  4. Is this minimum temperature measured from midnight to midnight or dusk till dawn?
  5. In some ways it’s weird that St. James’s Park isn’t normally top as it’s closest to Central London.
  6. I wonder if with all the cloud the highest minimum record will go tonight?
  7. I can’t remember the last time I had hail in a thunderstorm, I always seem to get lots of spring showers with pea sized hail but never from a thunderstorm.
  8. Yeah that could be a worry, but maybe it’ll be a late one, we need something closer to the south coast
  9. I don’t think people are glorifying it, I think people are just happy for a summer heatwave after all the cloud this June Edit: I thought you were talking about here, sorry
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