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  1. Massive downpour for 2 minutes and a flash of lightning!
  2. some pretty violent gusts as the showers pass through tonight
  3. Another heavy shower for the last ten minutes has brought me up to 20mm for the day
  4. Shower just came out of nowhere with pea sized hail
  5. Awful morning with constant rain but the afternoon has cleared up with some odd showers although the cold wind isn't nice.
  6. 4th rainbow I've seen in a week! Skies then went very dark.
  7. There's no rain at all here but it looks very dark over that way
  8. Some strong gusts brought down a few branches today.
  9. I went through a gap in the squall line too
  10. Missed all of the hail showers this afternoon
  11. Started off as sleet and rain then went to 2 minutes of heavy snow and then went back to sleet and rain again
  12. I'd say anyone over 200m should be looking out for snow now. Definitely a chance tonight