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  1. Feels like autumn today as loads of leaves are falling down and it is quite windy out there.
  2. Constant rain today. Up to 18mm here.
  3. It's been sunny all afternoon which has been great although there is a strong breeze.
  4. 10.2mm this morning. Wettest day in a long time.
  5. Big downpour here after drizzle all morning.
  6. Very nice day today and a perfect temperature with some cloud but not enough to ruin it.
  7. 4 days over 30.C here with the highest being 31.C
  8. Well we just got another 1.3mm from a thundershower so hopefully it will start to turn green as more showers pass through.
  9. Got a shower here with some rumbles going on in the distance.
  10. Big flash of lightning and rumble of thunder
  11. Very windy compared to recently and dark clouds approaching.