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  1. Who else saw the weird sky at midday first the sun went orange and the sky had a yellowish tint it was strange. Also quite dark you could see a small glint of orange sun on tarmac.
  2. Good squall came over, heavy rain and strong wind just after it passed and a lot of cloud today and amazing orange sunset has just come out.
  3. Who else heard the big rumble of thunder a few mins ago?
  4. It was nice as well because I missed the storm in August
  5. More pics from this great cell, producing a bit of thunder now
  6. Beautiful cell over the valley
  7. Just had two moderate showers and heard a big rumble of thunder, very dark clouds. Almost came out of nowhere but I'm missing the intense stuff.
  8. No good showers yet but some nice convection
  9. A few branches snapped and bins toppled but nothing major, unexpected though
  10. Crazy wind now, making a weird sound and rattling the windows.
  11. Wind pretty loud now, gusting up to 40
  12. Hurricane Irma

    tour car with no doors just went past southernmost point