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  1. Barely any rain here. Just a sprinkling for a minute. Yet just a few miles away there were torrential downpours.
  2. Well there are a few drops of rain here now but they only lasted for a few seconds.
  3. I went and had a look and it looks like a great rainstorm over there.
  4. Really hoping a downpour comes later as there are lots around. No rain so far today but it's turned cloudy. I can hear distance thunder too.
  5. 26.C and sunny with the occasional cloud passing over.
  6. Hottest day of the year here at 30.5C
  7. 28.5C max here today. Feeling very hot today.
  8. 27.5C distant convection but blue skies overhead.
  9. I think it is that. It was coming from that direction. It's also raining properly for the first time in ages.
  10. 21.5C and mostly cloudy here after a partly sunny start. There's also a haze almost mist filling the valley a bit which is strange.
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