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  1. Can confirm storm to north of oxford (Banbury) has been pretty crazy with the rain and lots of flashes. Witnessed overhead cg strike just after got in my car scared the s*** our of me ) still seeing fair few flashes and just heard another’s rumble just shows how things can soon pick up.
  2. That explains it them must be the stuff up past Leicester/ Peterborough area just as mark said
  3. Hi everyone. Can anyone explain why seeing distant lightning in cloud when looking at radar nothing is that close by?? Sorry quality is not great 52106777983__3287E870-32A2-4D1A-B706-8F3BE07E77B6.MOV
  4. lol well I think I'm strange and I feel exactly the same as you but I think most people who are scared don't like being out in it and want to be in the safety of there homes. im absolutely petrified at home but then on Sunday I saw there was storms prob 10- 20 miles away on radar so went out to look for them an was extremely disappointed when they didn't last and saw nothing, earlier that day I did hear distant rumbles and was at my mum and dads house and wasn't scared sitting outside. As soon as I heard the thunder today I was shaking but ran out to my car and loved it despite it being an overhead storm I just don't understand my logic lol
  5. Great thunderstorm earlier today right overhead just in time for school pick up! Constant flashes and deep booming rumbles and never seen rain come down so fast. Just got home and saw a strike come down just behind house. Had left bedroom window open earlier and wind must have caught it and it was wide open. Had to put heating on to dry up carpet and my bed. I don't think I'm normal I get frightened when I'm home but once I'm in my car I absolutely love it and can't wait to chase it and see some good strikes lol
  6. what direction is that Worcester/ Evesham storm heading just wondering whether a chance it could pass here or has it died now?
  7. Thank you for clearing that up for me :-) so a funnel cloud has a potential to become a tornado at any point?
  8. Lol that's the strike that seemed to just come out of nowhere n caused the blue flash to come out the plug sockets. Didn't have a clue what had happened until I heard a massive boom of thunder and the power went out scared me to death
  9. Hello peeps just had a couple of very close strikes about 20/30 mins ago out of nowhere (plus an earlier few rumbles earlier this afternoon) but can anyone explain to me why I saw blue light/flash coming through all the plug sockets would it just be from the Lightning striking pretty close?
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