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  1. Was watching the news in the hotel room and they have given a tornado warning for tomorrow, can't remember exactly where, am a bit frazzled at the moment with my early 3am starts.... just typical as it's changeover day! Checked spc and there isn't a warning on there however or wasn't when I looked.
  2. Ok so I'm at best western, this place is lovely, massive room, nice and fresh, a million times better than my motel in Los Angeles! Be good to meet everyone soon! I'll keep checking this for replies!
  3. Well hope everyone managed to get it sorted, I was lucky as ba pulled through on every step for me, even in light of the disaster, feel for those not so lucky!! Currently sat on a plane in Los Angeles awaiting take off to get to Dallas for midday! My contact number is +447912137703.... also, if anyone needs them I have a few t-mobile sims with unlimited data and calls on (my friend is Los Angeles worked for them)... they may or may not work but they should as they are 'special' sims ;-) (handy if your phones unlocked unlike mine so I cannot use them!
  4. Just added you dude! I'm staying at century inn at the moment and there is a best western down the road... hoping to get to griffin observatory later to do some photos at sundown, and no I don't mind being on YouTube! Let's hope we get some stunning storms for it :-)
  5. It's all about the chase ;-) I'm currently sat at Heathrow waiting to drop my bags off as thankfully British airways haven't cancelled my flight and I've managed to check in :-) first stop Los Angeles for a couple of days then onto Dallas for tour 3! Excited much, nervous much too :-)
  6. Cheers tom, I'll inbox my number to you in a mo
  7. I've booked a room at best western, I will have my mobile phone with me
  8. See you over there tom, first round on me?
  9. See you a week on Tuesday/weds :-) can't wait!! Save some tornadoes for us :-)
  10. Have the packs been sent yet as I haven't got mine :-)
  11. See you all there then!! I think I hit Fort Worth about 3pmish from my morning flight from Los Angeles..... have to all meet up for steak and a beer or something?
  12. What time do you get in tom?? I still need to book my hotel room!
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