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  1. Just watching the weather forecast on beeb news and Thomas shaferknockers hinted that it was going to get hot into next week so the potential is there.
  2. Next year is going to be Boooooooom #This SSW Went the other way
  3. Anyone alive in here . Looking for updates please . Still coming down ere but light . I want the big wet flakes that give a good snowball .
  4. Wind picking up here and snow is sort of powdery blowing about . Good covering here on roads and side streets going to be treacherous for the morning commute, will schools be closed .
  5. Still coming down nicely here anyone no how long it's going to last for and will it thaw anytime soon .
  6. At last it's snowing and settling on the paths grass and cars roads still a bit wet but it's getting much heavier .
  7. Could be a shock and give some snow here just flakes Amber warning my a#$
  8. Light wet snow here ,Rubbish so far and dissapointed
  9. Gritter lorries are out in force here that's good to see .1.1c now .
  10. Clouds rolling in now winds picking up and temp has dropped from 1.8c to 1.5 c in a matter of 10 minutes . Looks promising now and not long to wait .
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