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  1. Next year is going to be Boooooooom #This SSW Went the other way
  2. Anyone alive in here . Looking for updates please . Still coming down ere but light . I want the big wet flakes that give a good snowball .
  3. Wind picking up here and snow is sort of powdery blowing about . Good covering here on roads and side streets going to be treacherous for the morning commute, will schools be closed .
  4. Still coming down nicely here anyone no how long it's going to last for and will it thaw anytime soon .
  5. At last it's snowing and settling on the paths grass and cars roads still a bit wet but it's getting much heavier .
  6. Could be a shock and give some snow here just flakes Amber warning my a#$
  7. Light wet snow here ,Rubbish so far and dissapointed
  8. Gritter lorries are out in force here that's good to see .1.1c now .
  9. Clouds rolling in now winds picking up and temp has dropped from 1.8c to 1.5 c in a matter of 10 minutes . Looks promising now and not long to wait .
  10. -2.6 here and weather station is flashing the good snow symbol the first time this year .
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