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  1. Next weekend and beyond MILDER , There you go from the horses mouth, don't get stuck on charts that never deliver but fail
  2. I hope so we need a cold winter, Blizzard I want though
  3. Just watched the catchup on BBC Wales weather and Derek went, cold weekend warming up again next week, so it's all tits up on here false as a WET fluff in a milk bottle, back down the garden path again, sick of this dross day in day out
  4. This shows the high pressure quite well. Synop Imagery > UK WWW.MYWEATHER2.COM Information about Weather2, a company providing comprehensive forecasting and related weather services, historical climate data and...
  5. There is always next year, don't give up the hope keep digging the scene, curiosity killed the cat and it Snowed in the UK, miss the winters from back in the 1970s onwards they were brutal and proper, its a coming I can smell it..... MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE
  6. Why do charts on here throw out winter wonderland and very cold weather and very ice days and it never materialise, then I am watching the BBC weather who they now use Meto instead of Metoffice and they never ever hint at any cold only Christmas day and thereafter mild slush again to fllid the UK in many parts. Why don't these computer charts never come up trumps. Just wondering, send me a Pm and explain, Also Merry Christmas to all
  7. We all wish your dad a speedy recovery from all of us weather geeks on Netweather.tv
  8. Heavy snow falling some where in Northern Wales.... Come on let's see them photos
  9. ,, Great anylis as usual But do you like the rain by any chance I beg to differ
  10. On two Brian gaze is saying milder air wins through middle of next week
  11. Just watching the weather forecast on beeb news and Thomas shaferknockers hinted that it was going to get hot into next week so the potential is there.
  12. Next year is going to be Boooooooom #This SSW Went the other way
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