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  1. Think Crawley is going to get unlucky with bands either side but not heading this way! Fascinating viewing though, good luck to those getting the snow
  2. So even though the radar returns looks like it should be snowain’t in Sussex, there doesn’t appear to be much at all? That’s disappointing, here in Crawley it’s dry with no snow falling.
  3. Sounds like I’ll be in a good spot here in Tilgate (about 4 miles south of Gatwick). I’ll let you know what’s happening from here tomorrow snow wise! Still can’t believe the heaviest of the snow is meant to be south of the M4! Doesn’t seem right
  4. Isn’t there going to be a massive cold plunge next week in the US which will fire up the jet? Wouldn’t this jet stop any height rises in the Atlantic? Or will this new cold plunge actually help us this time! Thanks
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