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  1. Quite Aprilesque today,big showers and temperatures fluctuating a bit in between.Long periods of sunshine.

    1. karyo


      Spring is a nice season.

  2. fazer76

    Breaking news

    Would you like large fries with that? As for the whelk idea, that tickled my cockles. Shell out on some proper fast food for a (sea) change.
  3. That's more like it.

  4. Monsoon rain strobe lightning hail and a few gusty episodes.Roll on tonight into tomorrow.Possible thundery showers on Sunday too.

    1. Mokidugway


      Gusty episodes?? Better lay off the real ale ...

  5. Paint some white lines and invest in your very own singing and dancing personalised parking meter? You could offer loyalty points too. Free cups of hot beverages for any early birds. Hourly rate negotiable.
  6. I'm commenting on behalf of someone else, somebody who abhors people who moan a lot. Not occasionally but a lot lol. There is a big distinction. :-)
  7. What a difference a day makes,still quite muggy in any sunshine temps could rise quickly.No record breaker though.

  8. Storms over France looking lively.Direction of travel far from south!

  9. 36.7C max Heathrow, not far away from my earlier 37.2C prediction? Even gave the giggles to some lol.

    1. William Grimsley
    2. keithlucky


      yes temperature gauge just behind Boeing 747 take off point

    3. keithlucky


      1911 London had 38 degC 1932 London had 37 degC.

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  10. A scorcher for quite a few now real humidity is coming into play.Storm central anyone?

  11. 36.5C my estimated max somewhere in the SE today usual hot spots.

  12. Do some Icelanders hanker for a UK plume? Nice long fetch S/SE wind for example.

    1. fazer76


      16C high Rejkjavik this weekend then back to low teens again? A sudden spike in temps expected here too.

    2. Summer of 95

      Summer of 95

      Would they have more chance of heat off Canada or Europe?

    3. Daniel*


      Canada no chance Azores high riding in provides most warmth I'd say

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  13. Toasty! Even toastier tomorrow. Can't beat a bit of toast.

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