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  1. North south split is my forecast, rainy and cool north with gales in places, scattered showers with average temperatures further south before fronts push further south and east after midnight. Higher than average sale of pumpkins inevitable too.
  2. fazer76

    Breaking news

    Apologies but this claim may well be inaccurate and wasn't meant to mislead anyone. In other news, Autumn 2015 has began today.
  3. fazer76

    Breaking news

    Due to today's inclement weather Summer 2015 is officially over. For some anyway lol.
  4. After a more unsettled spell beginning part of August still showing signs of a change to much warmer drier conditions.

    1. Gordon Webb

      Gordon Webb

      of course by then the drawing in of the days will be much more noticeable

    2. MP-R


      Don't tend to feel the drawing in of days happening until the latter part of August down here. Equivalent of early May which is plenty light enough.

    3. karyo


      The sun already rises 20 minutes later than it did when we had the last hot spell in early July so the drawing in of the days is already noticeable

  5. Not very keen on slugs chomping at your lettuces? Surround them by crushed egg shells,any growing lettuce that is.

    1. Mokidugway


      Claymores work well with slugs .......

    2. Mokidugway


      Poor show of roses this year ,wondering if it the endless detonations of HE in my garden ...:).

    3. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      I use wool pellets

  6. Yes, fresh cream is plentiful. Why cut corners! Anyway lol.
  7. Over cooked offal smothered in out of date cream and covered in cats vomit?
  8. Rubbery bacon when supposedly fried, but not boiled. Bacon which contains lots of water. Bacon which is sold in packs that weigh extra because they may contain you know what.
  9. Amazing to think that some big fat corps increasingly using for example zero hours who then bemoan the fact that profits have dropped somewhat? Bully boy tactics are usually found out in the bitter end. The customer is always right, right?
  10. Can't see a member called Taf Bad Rats. Not yet anyway.
  11. What gets lost on me with the right is that they don't seem to appreciate that workers and consumers are the same thing. They go on and on about how things such as lower wages make products cheaper for consumers for example... Erm, what? But your consumers now have less money to spend as they are your workers! I guess when even more multi corporations and bigger stores consider or start to merge, just to survive, or worse case close then the penny may well drop. Culling staff from the wage books or keeping wages lower is one thing, to allegedly cost save, expecting them to then possibly spend more is where problems are likely to arise.
  12. Time to go and pick some juicy ripe strawberries straight from the farm.Fresh as you like.

    1. Mokidugway


      Went giant hogweed picking today, blistering fun :)..

    2. Dami


      used to pick fruit alot as a kid

  13. But where does any possible wage increase ultimately go? Back into the coffers of businesses surely? This money is then hopefully re invested to create yet more jobs as demand steadily increases. Better still why not work for free, that should create a great environment for 'sweat shops' and help boost the economy. How people purchase things pay bills etc is another matter. Probably why the fox hunting debate has reared it's head again. Divert tactics?
  14. Warmth building again next Wednesday and Thursday chances of another storm break out increase with a few imports.

  15. Looking lively again for some tomorrow PM onwards,heat humidity quite noticeable then watch those storms initiate.

  16. Maybe we should legislate for an eight day week, who would know otherwise? Deciding whether it is a week or weekend day is another matter I suppose. Online shopping is of course 24/7 nowadays. We've moved on a lot. Three day weekend it is then!
  17. fazer76

    Breaking news

    Quality free education? Problems could arise as to what is or may be deemed quality. And who decides these things.
  18. Next storm chance Thursday for some,looking quite sultry again for a day or two.

  19. People who constantly talk rollocks.
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