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  1. Is that why some individuals with supposedly very responsible or so called respectable jobs, or any number of highly qualified professionals are also prone to using hard drugs? Some on a regular basis? But appear to you and I as perfectly normal people.
  2. " I agree with Hocus Pocus when he says 'need'. I someone needs a high to feel goo that's a dangerous relationship with drugs. You need to get highs from your own life (job success, sporting success, self-development etc) naturally. This will also help artificial highs you take ie If your happy with how life is progressing, grabbing a few pints while watching the football is absolutely fine, whereas, If you're depressed, going to the pub (regularly) may lead to problems..." Or maybe we've created the social environment whereby unless you're successful, highly paid, a sports expert maybe have chiselled good looks and an all year tan you won't be as accepted as such? Or you could even be deemed to be a failure? Social exclusion is one of the biggest drivers, an increasing amount of people of all ages unfortunately fall into the trap of seeking 'highs' to possibly fill a void in their lives? Blot out the pain and thoughts of hopelessness? Binge eating, drinking, drugs to name a few. Same argument can be used for those who are simply obsessed with body shape and the many pitfalls and health problems this can possibly lead too. We are all, to a greater or lesser extent, social creatures and ultimately want to be seen to conform and be a valued part of the human race. Until such time or more is done to tackle the root causes, stopping problems re occurring at source, even to the point of acknowledging the fact that some pressures or issues in life may just be in the mind? As in not the actual true reality. Which then leads to the very next question. Why the hell are mental health cuts even being considered?
  3. Question then bodes as to why some countries take a slightly different stance?
  4. Hahaha!? O:) Crap I meant ...:o)
  5. A sensible answer or reply to this thread double LOL! Possible worldwide shortage of candy floss.
  6. Demonise? Yes, they'll do anything to try to look good. Or pretend. That is why more people are likely to despise them. Young and old.
  7. Have you tried their new eau de toilette? Eau de Kev.
  8. Not missing the heavy showers unless they're very thundery in nature.

  9. Interesting to see what would happen if say alcohol was banned and cannabis was legalised? Entire industries would be up in arms shouting and screaming and perhaps rightly so. Then there's the tax element. Quite obviously it is ingrained into the cultural and social fabric much like many other countries, questions then arise as to why some countries take a different stance on the matter.
  10. 10 years today the brumnado wreaked havoc,remember the day well.

    1. Mokidugway


      Got toto in a spin though :)...

  11. Still signs of a warming trend into August,shouldn't be too difficult after this week!

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    2. fazer76


      Anything above 22C would be nice.

    3. Carl46Wrexham


      Yep...saw the front page of the Mirror...spotted the word "heatwave". Stopped reading as soon as I discovered the source of the story was the dribbling fool Madden.

    4. Milhouse


      Im off work next week too. Thank god i didnt chose this week.

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