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  1. Nothing in Swindon, fingers crossed for the storms in the Channel
  2. That's work finished for the day, and things are looking good for this evening! Unfortunately I'm up early so can't go chasing so hopefully the storms will come to me.
  3. Not a lot going on if you're in the south or south west, I think it's game over for today.
  4. Temperature is mid 20s now and rising here in Swindon, it looks like the storm in Cambridge was spawned around Swindon if you look on the radar loop.Hopefully as the temps increase the more widespread storms in the south will become.
  5. Good luck Dave, I think the storms will develop around Bristol and be active over in the east.
  6. I've noticed this too, just over Abingdon. Just developed out of nowhere.
  7. Swindon is baking hot at 31c, gutting to think that there will be no storms after days of these temps!
  8. We are parked at a very wet and windy Beachy head. Still lots of lightning and crawlers filling the sky. What a night!!
  9. We have driven from Swindon to Brighton and are continuing towards Beachy head where we will stop. Loads of Lightning and torrential rain!!
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