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  1. Mean September max to yesterday was running at 22.6C here, 23.6C at Heathrow both almost identical to July avg max. Pretty impressive.
  2. It’s another cracking day, 23C down and possibly a 25C up near London today I would think. September is just embarrassing August at the moment.
  3. I know some like hot, some like cold. But wtf is enjoyable about trying to enjoy yourself in lashing down rain and 70mph winds. Can’t do outdoors sports, hill walking, golf. Makes going to a few pubs rubbish….just ugh…
  4. Magnificent September weather, perfect for golfing. Light winds, low 20s but still high teens DPs, so great for staying flexible etc. Have played 5 times in the last 7days and not even feeling tired.
  5. Pretty sure heavy drizzle all afternoon wasn’t in today’s forecast….
  6. How quickly things change, it’s the sort of day that only the UK experiences down here. Clear slot of satellite about 30miles away and never gets closer despite that being the direction the flow is coming from. Surface conditions rubbish, heavy drizzle and cloud blown in on a gusty south westerly. Rubbish.
  7. Can see the tops of the clouds rising about 40miles to be my east. As usual we miss out by the skin of our teeth.
  8. None of this activity is present on the arome 12z, models could be completely useless this evening. There’s some vertical cloud growth from the mid levels just inland from me currently.
  9. I think I counted 7 drops of rain from that convective waste of time.
  10. We’ve made it to 25C again today, didn’t really expect that as the cloud is making very slow progress. However that said I’ve got about 20mins of summer left before the cloud rolls in and mid 20s are done with for another 7-8months.
  11. Ah the change in seasons, cool, wet and cloudy with 15hrs daylight to cool wet and cloudy with 8hrs day light.
  12. Sferics winding down rapidly outside Devon and Cornwall, the usual wet mess head this way.
  13. Over shooting tops and gravity waves visible on satellite imagery and showers near the Dorset coast being generated from the outflow of the MCS
  14. I take back what I said, that’s developing nicely. Still I don’t like it when storms explode in that location, usually means they are matured or fading when they reach our shores.
  15. Hmm, a smallish MCS has formed over north western France and is propagating NNE currently. A few amount of lightning activity however I’d expect lightning to wain as we start to approach diurnal minimum. tbh I’d expect lightning only to track to the east of the red arrow. SW Wales might be in with a decent shout.
  16. A very warm night here, not dropped below 19C at home.
  17. Official max of 28.1C here which very very good for the second week of September. I always think if you get to sunset and the temps still in the 23-25C range (was 24C at sunset) your usually bordering on an exceptional evening. That’s true from the longest day through about now when there’s only a really about a 3 month window for that to occur.
  18. The Gloucester station gets stuck at 6pm ish….
  19. Well as good as the weather is today so proper payback in store for the later part of the weekend and early next week, not overly wet but more muck from the north east and temps struggling to get past 13/14C at times….
  20. It’s simply stunning today. Crystal clear skies, warm sun, warm breeze. 27C and just done my second quickest 5km time of the year. Really don’t want to go back in the office now, should have just run straight the beach and stayed there!
  21. Temps powering up now, if July it would be a 35C day. Think we’ll see a max today between 30.5C and 31.5C.
  22. Overnight temps in the Channel Islands fell no lower than 20C and 17-18C in London, in July you’d fancy 33C, but I think 31C might be just about achievable today.
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