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  1. Haha yes the cone of silence... Almost wanna cry it's been a horrendous year here... I'm moving to France... Or Leicester lol...
  2. Completely agree could the cone of silence be broken tonight
  3. Well at least we can laugh about it. Well sort of. If we don't get anything by the weekend I'll jump straight on the naming of this woeful area.
  4. The cone of silence has held firm. Seriously cannot buy a storm last 2 years.
  5. I have to say the storms in the channel look west London at best for their Eastern extent. Anyone else think this?
  6. Wow can anyone shed any light on why the storms further east in the channel have formed. And are they elevated or surface based.
  7. Hi all hope everyone is well and not storm starved... Can anyone explain how sunday/Mondays event will differ from Tuesday night action... If at all... Thanks
  8. Has anyone seen the met Office graphics for our area on their latest forecast... Nothing there really for the far south east... Considering its their warning.. Strange... The BBC on the other hand looks epic... We shall see... Hope everyone gets what they wish for..
  9. Convection under way in wickford Essex..starting to look like a better evening here with the warning area now covering all of the east. Plus stuff developing in the channel.
  10. Hi everyone Sorry for the imby question but what are the chances for the south east this evening Essex based. BBC saying yes with a warning. metro saying no with no warning. I guess this is a nowcast situation where we should expect the unexpected. Good and bad...any feedback would be greatly appreciated Good luck to everyone
  11. Lovely clear slot over northern France...New cells developing there...could be south east in in with a shout later...
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