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  1. Convection under way in wickford Essex..starting to look like a better evening here with the warning area now covering all of the east. Plus stuff developing in the channel.
  2. Hi everyone Sorry for the imby question but what are the chances for the south east this evening Essex based. BBC saying yes with a warning. metro saying no with no warning. I guess this is a nowcast situation where we should expect the unexpected. Good and bad...any feedback would be greatly appreciated Good luck to everyone
  3. Lovely clear slot over northern France...New cells developing there...could be south east in in with a shout later...
  4. Towers going up here...lit by the moon...feels ripe...
  5. Can see the most distant lightning to the south and bizarrely distant thunder too...near wickford essex...come on...
  6. Thanks for explaining...I'm not very knowledgeable and have learnt something too...good luck...
  7. That MCS in France is exploding...I don't mean to get anyone's hopes up but these things can develop a mind of their own regards which direction it travels..almost like a mini low pressure and they can go against the steering winds...it appears to be moving directly north atm...hopefully some will be pleased and have stories to share...best of luck everyone...maybe expect the unexpected...!!
  8. Look on Sat 24...all those storms are moving NE...lol despite the wind coming in from the SE...seriously you can't buy a storm here...the last really thunder year here was 2014...need a storm fix...
  9. Storm mad

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    I remember when this forum was a great resource of knowledge...I've always for many years in fact eves dropped with great interest....lately trawling through here is becoming a bit of a gfuqhgfpjh fest for want of a better phrase...with people having do defend their posts and various point scoring boring waftery. Surely we are going to lose some great posters in here if it carries on like this. Please for the love of God if you take issue with something PM each other or just leave. The majority on here are having it spoilt by the few..let's bring back some common sense..
  10. The least from the east...makes me long for the best from the west...
  11. I'm driving in Rochford and just seen very bright lightning...can anyone else confirm...
  12. Big freeze or soft cheese...I've seen more snow on an Eskimos eyebrows..(I had to clean that up a bit)...let's hope the action improves..good luck all..
  13. Wow...the channel continues to explode and more cells popping up.ahead of those in the channel too....could be memorable tonight...hope so...
  14. No there is lightning out there been seeing it here for the last half hour...
  15. Very heavy brief shower here...Sun back out now...no thunder...