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  1. Euro 4, Icon, NavGem, CMCGem all showing the band of snow stopping in the West Midlands area. Was trying to figure out what is stopping it moving north because no active fronts just now. Hopefuly said showers will pick up overnight and into the early hours. If anyone who enjoyed Discovery Channel Storm Chasers was wondering where Reed Timmer is these days. He is working for Accuweather and currently reporting on the deep cold that is affecting the north and midwest USA. See the link below for some serious snow. Its feeling a bit chilly stateside as well https://www.accuweather.com/en/videos/storm-chasers/2ad234bf4f014a83a4b7d626ca63693c
  2. If anyone who enjoyed Discovery Channel Storm Chasers was wondereing where Reed Timmer is these days. He is working for Accuweather and currently reporting on the deep cold that is affecting the north and midwest USA. See the link below https://www.accuweather.com/en/videos/storm-chasers/2ad234bf4f014a83a4b7d626ca63693c
  3. 1) There is a theory that the decrease in moisture retentive land/ground might play a part. More tarmac and concrete = less moisture retaining ground = less moisture in convection. 2) Less smoke. Stubble burning stopped after the 1990s. Reduction in coal powered factories and power stations. 3) After mid1990s continental weather has had less impact and atlantic weather more impact on the UK. 1980s and 90s were the last years whereby one could rely on at least one long warm/dry spell in summer and one good cold spell in winter. That doesnt happen now. Any warm spells occur in spring with generally cool, wet summers. The ingreedients for the thunderstorms is not there to such an extent anymore.
  4. This is a photo (frame grab) from my video of Hurricane Orphelia on Anglesy, Wales. Bit out of date but glad to be there. The view is from a high cliff looking down on the lighthouse. The waves were huge and the spray was being blown at 90mph up the cliff and past us. I had to be held in place to film even though we were out of the worst of it. Orphelia was Hurrican No 2 for me, having been in the Storm of 87. If anyone knows how to get a video from 400mb down to under 10mb to put on here, I will.
  5. too much snow ...... crying about it here on netweather ..... and he didnt even get the forecast before going! hahahahahahahahahah
  6. Its the gin. It used to be called 'the tipple of charwomen'. A point of guiness is what you need after 600 miles. By the way, just an afterthought, but I hope you had the gin after driving 600 miles, not before
  7. So as someone with over 47'700 posts on the NW forums, I assume your ma can be proud that her little boy makes such effective use of his time. Next time I go to the zoo (is it the baboon or the chimp enclosure), I will let your mum know how what a star you are
  8. If she is any good she will already have yours mate
  9. Those that have been able to get out and those that still can are mostly those with money to do so. A lot of people are heavily mortgaged or with crippling loans which means if they sell, they will have little or no capital and no real means of leaving and starting up elsewhere. Plenty take the view that their ancestors have been there since the 1600s, so why should they leave?
  10. Well there is that for sure, but I try to keep up with SA and so many farm murders over the last few years. A campain of terror. If the land 'reform' plans go forward, which they seem set to do, I dont see how the violence and killing cannot be way worse than Zim. Much bigger populations for a start. Plus the farmers are not going to just hand over the keys and go. Plus the confiscations wont stop with a few farms. They will come for the homes, business, apartments - you name it.
  11. They know that with the possibly exception of Trump, western governments wont do much if anything. Many, many times worse than Rhodesia
  12. schweinhund is the word you were looking for. Un unglaublich pile of assenpilsen
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