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  1. Summer was OK weather wise ~ not too much heat, not too rainy. Manchester summers can be just rain rain rain so it wont take much to improve on that. Shame about lack of any real good storms. We have had a few come over but mostly of the flash bang wallop variety as part of fast moving systems. To sit out and watch a lightening show would be terrific. A colleage from Eastern Europe is not a happy bunny ~ nobody told him about the Manchester weather! He is used to long hot summer days relaxing and watching the horses and carts go by.... Speaking of horses, Heaton Park has its own animals (apart from the ducks, geese, swans, coots,moorhens, herons, terns, pidgeons, crows and seagulls of course) with a mini petting zoo including a pair of barmy Peacocks. Plus great playgrounds for the kiddies
  2. With tropical storm Ferdnand near Mexico, it might soon be time to start a Gabriel thread. What happened to E in the sequence though?
  3. OK so AF304 Hurricane Hunter Aircraft (Recon 43) investigating Dorian is back with readings of 125mph and just under 960mb low pressure. Recon 44 is in the air but just getting going so nothing final as yet There are some opinions that the dip in the Jet Stream across the mid west has a tendency to pull hurricanes toward it (ie NNW or even WNW) for a while before it is sent NNE and then ENE towards Newfoundland. If this happens, Dorian will take a more westerley track and more areas inland behind the coast will probably be affected as a result
  4. According to the experts, once it gains some momentum and moves over new, untapped waters it will re-intensify. We should see the eye becoming more defined and wind speeds picking up into tomorrow. At this time of year the water near the East Coast will be relatively warm all the way up past NY, and will provide ample fuel for growth. The models have been pretty accurate so far, but will re-strengthening have an effect on its course in any way?
  5. Each day (at least in the UK) editors of mainstream TV, websites and paper media (almost all in London) get together over an expensive and liquid lunch to co-ordinate tomorrows stories how they are framed and how they are prioritised. Important new stories might be sat on and saved for a more auspicious time, while other matters might be 'pushed' in accordance with the accepted agenda. It is all orchestrated with a view to manipulation and control of the common folks. In some cases (such as the disappearing drone over Gatwick last December), it turns out that the mysterious drone pilots were acting on behalf a government agency in order to 1) create a news story and cause a distraction and 2) Prepare the groundwork for anti-drone legistlating to be more easily passed. Major wars and confilcts in various parts of Africa, the Middle East and South-East Asia (I dont mean Hong Kong with has had plenty of coverage) have been almost completely ignored. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ongoing_armed_conflicts
  6. Probably what is known as a Landspout. A funnel with debris that is not associated with a mesocyclone.
  7. Latest live from WPTV in West Palm Beach County Shame about all the adverts - Denys breakfast for $5.99 looks decent though - especially after a hurricane!
  8. Any Hurricane Dorian footage out there at this stage should perhaps be viewed as suspect unless verified, since 200mph winds and mobile phone masts - or telecommunications in general - dont get along. Probably tomorrow the genuine footage will come out - loads of the chaser crowd will be in Florida as per usual as well as The Weather Channel, Accuweather etc
  9. Looking interesting in a wet and windy way come a week on Tuesday when ex-hurricane Dorian expected to arrive. This GFS run for 9am on the 10th showing 976 SLAP
  10. Looking interesting in a wet and windy way come a week on Tuesday when ex-hurricane Dorian expected to arrive. Some other models have 960s SLAP but certainly the next UK weather event to watch for
  11. Italy appears to be the strong tornado capital of Europe.
  12. Cat 5 Hurricane now with sustained winds in EF4 Tornado territory with EF5 speed gusts. Basement/storm cellar time
  13. 200mph plus is EF5 Tornado territory - not where you want to be
  14. By the way - UK get to get ex-hurricane Dorian approx a week this Tuesday. Current charts showing 950s on some runs
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