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  1. It seems storm Emma has a mind of her own and not progressing as the models have predicted. Emma has moved slightly E I'd say if you're in the southern parts of the Midlands you might get some heavy snow into the early hours.
  2. Not looking good for the Midlands unfortunately looks like we may have missed all that stormy fun, again
  3. Nice cam feed for Brighton https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/united-kingdom/england/brighton/brighton.html
  4. I take back what said earlier I think we might poss have something incoming. haha
  5. That could be a watch over Matlock, Bake well, Clay Cross and a direct for Chesterfield from the looks of it.
  6. I'm thinking if that develops you could see it fringing Sheffield then towards Yorkshire and the Humber North if it survives.
  7. I don't see any potential for any storms for us if anything a light shower but I'm even ruling that out. Tonight looks to be a dry night with temps around 10 - 13C The set up has been different today and has not panned out the way the charts predicted.
  8. The Midlands looks like it could miss out again... or at least a small few hit or misses later this afternoon.
  9. I live near the white area of the map very interesting to see it's been a touch cooler here today and overcast murky skies.
  10. Looking at the Weather Radar this is moving north up the Irish Sea?? Whats the prospect of this moving over the North of the UK?
  11. Looked lively on radar around Notts/Long Eaton way but I can see developments over Chesterfield. In fact just as I type it's started to rumble here and I'm not far from Chesterfield.
  12. Hang in there there could be something for us. This looks like an area of interest.
  13. Keeping an eye out around Derby, looks like something potential just off Derby city if you live in the city let me know if you have any activity. Some more activity behind it too risk of a downpour for towns aound Derby too.
  14. Yes I'm just up the road from derby just off a38 and it's been throwing it down non stop for the last 20 mins and the street looks like a crazy torrent. Only 3 cracks of thunder though.
  15. I think the storms will lose it's thunderyness when it reaches me say within an hour or so. Looking at the radar the intensity for thunderstorms seems to be embedded in the swathe and only the luck few will get some electrical activity. Looks like just a messy washout for me though.
  16. Exciting forecast models for Wednesday Night for the South and early hours for Northerners. :)

    1. William Grimsley

      William Grimsley

      I shall be sat here on Thursday morning with nothing. I hope not!

    2. whoissean


      Hopefully you'll catch a storm. :)

  17. I wasn't too excited for storms in the Midlands last night. Depending where you lived within the Midlands (Derby, Nottingham and Leicester) the chance was very glum. The system seemed to track further South East as I expected it to. Just looked at the current rainfall chart and looks like it will be a fine day for all with a VERY slight chance for storms. o_O hopefully next time round.

    1. Eugene


      I wasn't expecting anything here whatsoever so wasn't disappointed in the slightest

    2. whoissean


      Seems to have stormy clouds in Derbyshire atm and wind picked up.

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