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  1. My thoughts exactly....charts seem to be all over the place with no 'real' sign of any decent low 850's heading our way...but with this in mind, what instances have we had where by the charts have suddenly flipped and unexpected proper cold has landed on our shores ??...does this actually happen...can anyone remember such a situation ??
  2. Some nice charts popping up for a weeks + time... makes good viewing...but i'm keeping my feet firmly on the ground up here in God's own county and refuse to join the band wagon that as we all know has a tendency to grind to an abrupt downgraded induced halt ! ?....on the flip side...makes for some excellent posts and model watching...enjoy !!??
  3. Well all the expectations/potential failed to deliver the goods this year...all the eye candy was 10+ days out every time ...but it made 'interesting' viewing and I've enjoyed all the posts and predictions this winter despite it being one of the most snowless ones in these parts that I can remember for a long time!.. (two very brief dustings) 2018/19..the winter that never was!..so it's time to get off the rollercoaster and save up for a ticket for next winters ride!.. take care folks..here's to a long hot summer eh??????
  4. Well it appears that the snow shield has been turned up to full power here in West Yorkshire,only a couple of short lived dustings (admittedly prob a bit more if you're at altitude)since the beginning of winter and it's only this past week that we've seen a decent frost !!?...pretty disappointing winter really..let's see if March can deliver something before thoughts turn to summer!!..for now I'll just have to make do with watching the snow 'darn saarf' on the news!?
  5. ..first venture into the regionals after a few months riding the disappointing model output forum 'hunt for something remotely cold' rollercoaster !?...another big build up and an even bigger let down ?..all gone waaaaay way south..so far south that those snow clouds are gonna need a passport!..a pants 'winter' so far here in Gods own county...but there's always February ..right???..anyway..enough moaning..what will be will be ..hats off to all those that post their forecasts on here ...makes for great reading ...here's hoping for at least one decent fall of the white stuff before our thought
  6. I hope so,although from this mornings posts with folk stating that it's edging south on each run,us snow starved Yorkshire peeps look like missing out all week!..???
  7. I think I'll put the unused sledge away and dust off the BBQ with those 850's and 2m temps!..just about sums this winter (or total lack of) up!!???
  8. Half decent set of charts popping up today...but beyond the reliable for me...i think for everyone's sanity we shouldn't post past T96 - 120! ?.... the rollercoaster continues to roll but without delivering the goods.... but hats off to all those that try and predict the future that mother nature has for us...makes for excellent reading peeps!!...anyway onto the 12Z??...i'll just keep enjoying the first decent frost of the season that arrived last night...still below freezing here in the shade !
  9. Pretty grim over on the model output thread....as it has been for a couple of months ... plenty of hype but nothing tangible to back it up..always 7 to 10 days away...don't get me wrong..I love the cold weather ..and love a decent cold chart..but only when it's in the reliable time frame ...not FI as most have been lately..a decent cold spell in Jan and/or Feb seems to be a thing of the past!..anyway..time to sack the chart viewing off for a few days for the sake of my sanity ..hopefully I'll return to good news!!..?
  10. I'd take that any day of the week and gladly wait for it...as always...FI land ...but having flicked through the charts up till then (admittedly only GFS) with my extremely amateurish eyes...this is the only thing that really resembled 'winter'.....what i'd give for a snowy Christmas !!....hopefully exciting times ahead for this winter...hats off to all you knowledgeable posters on here..makes great reading!!
  11. Excellent charts this morning...!!...lets see what the roller coaster has to offer over the next few days!!...I'd take a re-run of 2010 any day !?
  12. Poor show here in West Yorkshire ? Despite all the hype of yesterday ..decent wind blowing mind you but that is all..can't see anything on the radar worth getting hopes up about..?
  13. I won't keep my hopes up though for a covering being present when I wake ftom my night shift induced coma???..my radar app shows precipitation first thing today then virtually nothing for the next two days ????
  14. Well that's my night shift finished time for sleep..only a very light dusting of snow here in Gods own county of West Yorkshire ..and IMBY at Wakefield virtually zero snow with a current temp of 0.3 deg..?..to add insult to injury the BBC forecast has changed dramatically for the next two days showing virtually no snow bar the odd light shower!!..damn you BBC weather App!!..sort of goes massively against what folk on here were expecting ...?
  15. I kid you not..!!..just a cold (currently 1 deg C) wet miserable night ?
  16. Nothing but cold rain here in Leeds (Centre)..????☔️☔️☔️
  17. Meaning??..usually tune in to Paul but missed tonight's ..?
  18. I'm with you on that one mate...a total non-event here in God's own county....don't get me wrong i love watching outputs of 'eye-candy' charts and a good snow event, but this has been ramped up beyond belief by many on here ( historic, brutal cold,well into March, ...the ramps went on and on...) and is rapidly turning into a feline cat rather than a beast that will fizzle out into a cold/cool damp/wet ending....( how i would love to be proved wrong mind you but the writing is on the wall so to speak and another damp squib of a winter comes and goes )...just goes to show you can't trust the mod
  19. I was just going to ask the very same thing...squinting at the various models trying to figure it out with my very novice eyes !!
  20. Doesn't really go with what the models and NWTV posters are saying..??..That's for my locus in Yorkshire only about 50 miles inland from east coast ?..hardly awe inspiring !!..
  21. Confused.com...so many posts saying it goes much milder at the weekend yet others saying not??..not easy reading for us novices...??...!!
  22. Holy #### thats some snow drift !!....anyway back to the models, still looking good...some even suggesting the colder air makes an appearance 'slightly' sooner than thought to my very untrained eye?..
  23. How far west realistically can we expect to see the 'cold pool' of low 850's go with the current outputs?..I know this 'potential' cold spell is still a fair few days away and things are constantly subject to change, just fancied picking your brains and hearing your thoughts ?
  24. Good link that...very basic for my VERY basic understanding...!!...made sense though...and nice and brief !!
  25. Fair point...i just like to get to around +96 before i allow a smile to break out...seen far too many 'garden paths' since the olden days of the 'BBC Forum' where it all crashed and burned ( even at +48 TBH !! ) at the last minute....great model outputs though courtesy of the SSW...eyes down for a full house over the next few days !!
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