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  1. Amazed how busy the supermarkets are with piles of Christmas food. Lot of tasty things to choose from. Ponder how much is going to be thrown away?
  2. Snipper

    Have you ever been banned from anywhere?

    Got banned from woodwork class at secondary school
  3. With O2 having problems it really makes you wonder if total reliance on your mobile device is the right thing to do.
  4. You obviously live in the real world and could probably cope with most things without resorting to a mobile phone. Mind you not being able to make an emergency call would be a real downer.
  5. I blame it on finishing the last lot off last night.
  6. Went out this morning to collect sloes for some Sloe Gin. A real struggle to find any. All the usual bushes I have visited had none. Eventually found enough fo this year’s vintage. Wonder why so few, other than there must have been a frost in this area at a critical time.
  7. The in,y forecast needed? http://weatherwithouttechnology.co.uk/download/Advance prediction Winter December 2018 to February 2019.pdf
  8. Snipper

    General Volcanic Activity Thread!

    Could this be evidence that Godzilla is alive and well off Madagascar? https://apple.news/AcdEXEPgvR9ecN-tHkZN9xg
  9. Seems as if last years flu jab did not protect the over 65's any more than not having it. With the flu outbreak in Australia what are the prospects for the U.K.?
  10. Snipper

    Flu prospects this winter

    Been to see my mother today in the home she is residing at. Only a vague clue who I am but happy to talk to anyone who lingers, particularly if they ply her with sweets. Better visit today as she vaguely remembered old memories fleetingly. I take my iPad in and show her old and new photos including ones going back to the early 1900’s. Hasn’t had had a flu jab and is only on one medication. A laxative. They don’t build them like that now. She is 103 and so far outlived her eldest son and working to outlive her second. Just had my consultation with my consultant about cancer. Oh well carry on paying the money.
  11. Snipper

    Flu prospects this winter

    For years I didn’t have a flu jab as after having it one year I was very poorly. Lasted months. Over recent years had one and had no problems either with the jab or flu. But that might be the luck of the draw. If you have a cold at the time this might cause problems. The nurse this time asked me if I had a cold. I see my local surgery are doing jabs for those who do not qualify for £10. Cheap at the price if it stops you getting flu.
  12. Snipper

    Flu prospects this winter

    Also Norovirus https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/757895/Norovirus_update_2018_weeks_44_to_45.pdf
  13. Snipper

    Flu prospects this winter

    Current situation 22nd November 2018 https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/758417/Weekly_national_influenza_report_week_47_2018.pdf
  14. I was various things. Best bit of miscasting was being Angel Gabriel.
  15. Snipper

    Transferring from Samsung s5 to s8

    Should have used Apple. Just transferred from iPhone to a newer one. No problems.
  16. Snipper

    What were you in the school nativity play?

    Check out Flint Street Nativity. Various celebrities in it playing children
  17. What do you use to clean the glass in the stove door? One of my stoves is nearly 40 years old so some stuff glued on and I doubt anything will shift it. The chap who delivered some solid fuel says the best thing he uses is a multipurpose wipe when the glass is cold. Just a cheap and cheerful wipe seems to work pretty well, particular on another stove that is not used much.
  18. Take an age to download, tend to hang without completing and sometimes trash what you have set up. At least Apple let you decide when their updates occur.
  19. Same as us. My wife says turn the heating up and I do.
  20. Sounds as if you have the magic of frost patterns on your windows in the morning. Those were the days. Getting dressed under the bed covers in the morning. Not sure I want it now though. Great experience for this mainly soft world.
  21. Snipper

    Aren’t Windows updates a pain?

    Get HP’s Printer and Scan Doctor. Pain you need to use it but so far solved all my problems.
  22. Makes it easier to put up with problem if fuel is free.
  23. Meanwhile back in the Southeast it has been blooming miserable here.
  24. For those that are interested there are a number of mushroom identification apps. Use with extreme caution.
  25. The Death Cap has an appropriate common name.