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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. Going this week. Got some museums booked. Don’t want to overdose though. Want time to chill out. As far as the red light is concerned it is probably more exciting at home.
  2. Any suggestion about best and worst to see and do? Going 20th. So probably going to be cold and exchange rate £ / Euro will probably be rubbish.
  3. Get a fridge to live in. I am sure nobody will miss you. Unless there is too much happy cackling going on in side.
  4. Great day today. Lovely weather. Nice doing things in the garden and out and around. Heating off for a few days. Great! Obviously this does not apply for those who hide in a darkened room looking for a snow flake. Get outdoors and do stuff. Ok we are likely to get some chilly weather but make the most of what we have at the moment. We are only now going to get annoying cold weather from now on.
  5. What seaweed were you using? Time for a different variety?
  6. Is Dave Kings weather forecasts any better or worse than other more scientific ones? http://weatherwithouttechnology.co.uk/forecasts.html
  7. Not drinking as a New Years resolution. Much in the press about it. For me not a chance. Got another 5 gallons of beer on the go last evening. Jaipur. Last lot was good once matured.
  8. So you are not practicing dry January or February?
  9. Have much problem getting around in these conditions? What is your heating? How comparable is the cost with UK. Where do you keep your crate of used beer bottles? Plenty of different brews to sample out there I believe.
  10. To be honest not fussed if it snows or not. Interested in what happens in the region where live. If I want to see what happens elsewhere I can look. Quite cold in America currently by the way.
  11. Getting fed up with this thread covering such a wide and diverse area.
  12. For those who don’t know go to your name top right of page. Then to your profile and then edit. You can put your location in.
  13. Just shone a laser pen outside. Very fine precipitation. Drizzle probably.
  14. Sorry. Anything happening of note? Must have missed it. Please update.
  15. Well you are a naughty boy or girl. http://www.nopenaltypoints.co.uk/legal-use-mobile-phone-stationary-car-with-engine-running.html
  16. Hope you weren’t using your phone whilst driving when you took that shot. Slapped wrists if yes.
  17. Nice here this morning. Had to put a bit of heat on in our converted garage as getting too cold for deep freeze to work. Seems daft but they don’t like it too cold. Unfortunately not cold enough to just open lid
  18. If it gets too exciting possibly this might be of help. https://www.myshreddies.com/about
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