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  1. Probably they have allow for the idiots who store their perishable food on top of a radiator.
  2. Not much longer bearing in mind the trauma my 101 year old mother is putting us through. God it is awful getting too old.
  3. To see the data plus remove some data you could check out
  4. Although many are aware some might not realise their digital photos may have considerable data attached to them. Do you always wish the world to know where you took a photo? Your house possibly? In the interests of security it might be a good idea to remove what is called meta data.
  5. -2 here. Think a lot of tender plant growth will be completely trashed even though protected. Confounded nuisance. Wish the weather gods would remember winter is for cold temperatures. Bit like politicians- don't listen.
  6. Great pic. Where does the original come from? Or is it something you knocked up at your art class?
  7. My pig leg that I cured and have hung in a meat safe outside to make prosciutto ham has now been butchered and sliced very thinly. Very tasty. Was dry curing outside for 1year and 2 months. Nothing better than fast food.
  8. Really sympathise Some of my stuff singed by frost down here. Figs very sensitive to frost. Also had some Claredendron seedlings badly affected. So frustrating.
  9. Asparagus doing well.
  10. Thanks. Just suggesting a paragraph of conclusion should be added where mainly hard data is posted. This would go nicely with the comments yourself and others make and might bring about more discussion. Just a thought.
  11. BFTV. Thank you for the regular stats but I wonder is it possible to make comment about them from time to time. Might assist in my interpretation. Cold or not so cold figures does not entirely explain to me how things are moving in a negative or positive way.
  12. I didn't know HBK8494 was friends with Billygoat Gruff.
  13. Not sure what you are trying to achieve by your response to a topic posted in the Lounge. (Come into the lounge, take a seat,relax and chat about anything that takes your fancy.). Seems like an unnecessary slap down of a new poster.
  14. Please what are you referring to?
  15. Hi Jorry, Sorry nothing about weather. Never been to the Netherlands. I am keen to see the best. Any suggestions as to the best places to go for a new time visitor? Good places and history I am thinking of S