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  1. You could get an insulated stove pipe. Obviously I don’t know what your set up is. Does the fire roar away or gently tick over when turned right down? Does the stove have a big fire bed? If yes you could always get fire bricks/boards to line back and side so fire burning is smaller. Other things you might be able to do to get the temperatures right and circulate the heat. Just some thoughts.
  2. Temperature is immaterial. Are you warm? If not wind it up or wind it down if too hot. Chances are your thermostat and or thermometer is wrong anyway. What I consider is cold might not coincide with what you like. If you cannot afford to warm your house to a comfortable temparature it is a real problem. But why heat your whole house to the ideal? Heat a couple of rooms and close off those that are not used much. Not the ideal for most but a way of not wasting money heating accommodation that does not really need it
  3. Snipper

    Members Photos - Show Yourself !

    Me, the wife and son who is a snip off the block
  4. Take an age to download, tend to hang without completing and sometimes trash what you have set up. At least Apple let you decide when their updates occur.
  5. Oh that’s a nuisance as I haven’t insulated my greenhouses yet.
  6. Snipper

    Net Weather Gardening Thread

    I would suggest you carefully dig them up cut them back a bit (both tops and roots) to make them tidy pulling off all old leaves. I then plant a few into a large pot or deep box to over winter in a cold but frost free location. They are very susceptible to mould so giving them a good spray with fungicide will help. Let the fungicide dry off before putting them away. In the spring if you are lucky they will start sprouting. If you have the facilities it is usually best to take cuttings in late August and over winter the small plants. They don’t have to be cut back which increases the risk of mould growth. Keep pulling off dead and rotten leaves. You can dust with Flowers of Sulphur to help counter rot spreading or occurring where they are cut.
  7. A word of warning about thermostatic radiator valves. When you no longer have the heating on leave the valves open to their highest setting during the summer months. If you don’t you may find they are stuck closed and you get no heat into your radiator when you go to switch it on next season. Mr plumber will be pleased to sort it out for a large sum making your heating cost even higher.
  8. Yes that is right. The size of radiator for any room needs to be assessed. Too small the room would not heat up even if water flowing through it was nearly boiling.
  9. Radiator valves register the temperature in its immediate vicinity. This might not be the same as on the other side of the room. If there is no thermostatic valve fitted hot water pumps round the system whether the room feels too hot or not. If you set the thermostatic valve to a certain number the valve will remain open until that temperature is reached and will switch off. Your room temperature will remain at that level until it cools down a bit at which time valve opens allowing more hot water to flow. In the absence of a thermostatic valve and no other controls the room could get unbearably hot unless you switched the boiler or circulation pump off. What suits you depends on trial and error.
  10. Really depends on what the various heat sources are in your house together with the circulation of heat in your house plus other factors. My wife feels the cold more than I do. You can usually alter the temperature of the boiler you use. It will pump water around the central heating circuit at that temperature. By the time it gets to a particular room it will be less. The amount of fall will depend on a number of factors. You could have a wall thermostat in that room and or radiator thermostats. The wall thermostat will tend to show a particular temperature. Dial it to a level you like by experiment. Radiator valves are more vague. Usually settings that are just numbers. Once again just see what suits you by trial and error. During the working day when you are likely to be active you are less likely to feel the cold. Sitting around doing nothing you are. I personally alter the temperatures to suit the time of day. Some rooms may not be heated at all and their doors closed. My logic is why use heat when not needed. The fewer number of radiators that are on the less your heating cost. It is an indivuals decision what suits them best. Some will decide they need a pullover and not have the heating on.
  11. If you have thermostatic valves set them to a position where your room heats to the temperature you want in that room. If feeling too cold wind them up. If too hot wind them down. How you feel will depend on a number of factors. Weather, time of day, how you are feeling.
  12. Sorry missed your post. Went to latest postings to see current situation.
  13. Snipper

    General Volcanic Activity Thread!

    Interesting article. https://apple.news/AUoLgVMXjR7OsHUCbEWMW6w Anyone been there or somewhere similar?
  14. I do t know about anyone else but I keep getting security warnings when using Safari when trying to open links Any comments or suggestions?
  15. Snipper

    Good retorts to telephone cold selling.

    I did but having received them might as well try and wind them. Currently answering unknown or unavailable numbers as some have related to my radiotherapy treatment. Will go back to ignoring and or blocking calls when I can.