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  1. Not quite sure, in relatively simple terms, this answers my query. No apparent analysis of the results is shown
  2. Is there any review of how well or otherwise the various models perform over a period of time? This, that and other persons say that this or that model is good at this or that but is it ever scientifically analysed? Thinking it was only 2 or 3 weeks ago that it was suggested, by some, that we would never have a snowflake again and winter was over before it started. Were there any front runners of the models that predicted at anything more than a day or two, with some degree of accuracy, yesterdays snow event? Appreciate with some scenarios "Nowcasting" is the only thing that is appropriate for the fine detail of what is or going to happen in any particular location.
  3. Rain here plus a bit of snow. Can't see too clearly as Essex County Council can't be bothered to repair their street lights. Can hear patter of drops.
  4. Please edit your profile (top of web page) and add your location otherwise we don't know where "here" is.
  5. Arctic Sea ice the refreeze 2017/18

    Bit of a stupid response if you read the question
  6. For Sunday I am relying on the excellent accurate beforecast that will be given on Monday.
  7. Let's not worry about what is going to happen over the next couple of days. Let us just concentrate on getting excited about what isn't going to happen in 7 days time. Or is that a fortnight? Month?
  8. Is it time for me to order some solid fuel? I've run out.
  9. Things that tick you off?

    Thank you for your kind comments.
  10. Things that tick you off?

    You are quite right and I apologise. Unfortunately I am still smarting from an unpleasant experience with my father who has brain damage following a car crash. Try to help him out and about but it is, unfortunately, very clear from the hurtful comments made by some impatient people I should not be cluttering up the place with my father. The nicer comments have included "sod off get the old fool out of the way".
  11. Things that tick you off?

    If I wasn't caring I would hardly be making comment. I assume you enquire each time when someone gets in your way and annoys you to ensure they are not disabled, mentally or physically, in some way.
  12. Things that tick you off?

    If you want a few pointers let me know on or off the forum. Smoked salmon is relatively cheap and quick to make. Even made prosciutto ham by curing a pigs leg. Downside you have to air dry it for year or so. Lot easier to go to Lidl and buy one. Interesting doing it though.
  13. Things that tick you off?

    Make your own and you can decide what goes in to the cure. None of that white stuff comes out when you cook it. Haven't bought any bacon for years. Lovely giving a pack to friends when they call.