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  1. Snipper

    Net Weather Gardening Thread

    Has tomato blight started for anyone yet? So far not for me. But I am growing blight resistant ones mainly this year. Previous years it started on 2nd September.
  2. Snipper

    Hurricane Florence

    Obviously picking a scab is not exciting enough.
  3. Snipper

    Hurricane Florence

    Is it not a case of the media and others winding things up, without addding the warning nature has the nasty habit of bowling a curved ball? Some on here at least try and indicate the unknown possibilities.
  4. Snipper

    Hurricane Florence

    I suppose the media is flocking in so they can be seen by the world being blown away? Always annoys me when the public at large are told to evacuate or not go anywhere the media has to go. Double standards. I suppose it is to satisfy those who want to see death and destruction.
  5. Snipper

    Net Weather Gardening Thread

    Still plenty of tomatoes outside. Seem to be suffering from nutrient deficiency but main tomato is fine. Interstingly blight started on on the 2nd for the last two years but not this. I am however growing supposedly blight resistant varieties.
  6. Snipper

    Net Weather Gardening Thread

    Multi coloured Chard doing well. Not to everyone’s taste but I like it depending how it is cooked.
  7. Snipper

    Arctic melt Season 2018

    Too many humans about. Sooner those responsible for breeding like rabbits realise their wish to over populate the world causes problems the better.
  8. Something to play with https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/snow-and-ice/snow-cover/
  9. Snipper

    Medical issues

    Thanks to those who responded. Been agreed that I should have 33 sessions of radiotherapy for just over 6 weeks. Starting next Monday No complaints, so far, about the service I am receiving via the NHS. All very effient and informative. Goodness knows how I will feel at the end of it. Provided it solves the problem I don’t mind.
  10. Alternative technology seems to have been somewhat off the mark this year. http://weatherwithouttechnology.co.uk/index.html. Good reading. How many would stick their their neck out for a forecast?
  11. Himalayan Baslam. A blooming nuisance. As a NT volunteer spent more time than I would have liked pulling the stuff out of water courses.
  12. Hardly a pop on a bus and go down the town experience. What is he going to do with the hours you have to spend at airports checking in and hanging round.
  13. So now Ryanair is going to charge for anything put into the overhead lockers. Nothing to do with making money apparently. It is only to speed things up. How long have you sat on a plane not going anywhere? Seems a load of spheroids in my opinion. Money grabbing monopoly comes to mind.
  14. Just seen what I can only describe as a Stoat rush across my garden. Not trying to be too flip but it seems to be stoatally different to a Weasle. Been here 45 years next month and never seen one before.