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  1. At least we have no adverts to spoil any programme that are shown. Hardly surprising many record a commercial channel programme so adverts can be skipped.
  2. I can only cope with one ****** at a time. I am trying to keep my post short like tweets. Fat chance.
  3. Gary Linker gets approx £1.75 million!!! God knows why. A complete ******.
  4. Did you get to see any of the Tour this year?  Reminded us of our stay down your way last year. Lovely area. 

  5. Why can I not edit my post?
  6. If something had done 40 years ago would have made the slightest difference? Not that I am sure what tthat something would have been. Anyone got any reasonable ideas? Apart from mankind reducing its willingness to procreate I cannot see there is anything in the longer term that will prevent a complete meltdown in most parameters we would consider reasonable. Mother Nature has a nasty habit of re adjusting things.
  7. Sorry don't use android. Home and Dry is pretty good but only for Apple devices. Looks like they don't do an android version. http://www.metdesk.com/index.php/services/other-services/home-and-dry-app/
  8. Nice fence. Trying to be positive.
  9. Where are the rice plants when you need them!
  10. Been **ssing it down here. Very unusual to have puddles on my garden as soil very light and friable.
  11. Don't disagree. But on occasions some are somewhat desperate to get access to family and friends. BA''s IT problems come to mind. Obviously caution is the best option even if it cannot be 100%. All a bit of a trade off. Also useful to use a throw away email address. Not your usual one.
  12. Probably they have allow for the idiots who store their perishable food on top of a radiator.
  13. Not much longer bearing in mind the trauma my 101 year old mother is putting us through. God it is awful getting too old.
  14. To see the data plus remove some data you could check out https://appsto.re/gb/4QHr4.i
  15. Although many are aware some might not realise their digital photos may have considerable data attached to them. Do you always wish the world to know where you took a photo? Your house possibly? In the interests of security it might be a good idea to remove what is called meta data. https://www.cnet.com/uk/how-to/how-to-remove-personal-information-from-photos-in-windows-10/