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  1. Another programme that is absolutely rubbish is the Weather Forecast. Anyone seen it? The plot is total rubbish most of the time. Quite unbelievable.
  2. Awfully sorry but I’d did not intend making multiple replies but I kept getting a message up say I could not post. Obviously me keep clicking made a post . Not sure what the problem was. IT department? Snipper
  3. Good someone has done a bit of research. There seems to be as many theories as people considering it. But if so import why can we happily survive without our appendix?
  4. Too right. The sooner it is cut out the better.
  5. If we are suppose to be vegetarians why does our appendix not work? It is a non functioning organ of our evolutionary past.
  6. Usual load of naive tosh by the supposed environmentally aware about being politically an environmentally correct. Yes let’s stop all travel by aeroplane, powered ships and cars if fossil fuel using. Should solve one problem and that is the population will fall due to starvation. So let’s go for it.
  7. A lot cheaper to have a specific converter if you are not looking for new scanner/printer.
  8. Think God has a cunning plan to overcome overpopulation. We are all going to become gay, whether we like it or not. There will probably be soon population pride marches organised. Read some interesting science fiction books in the 1950’s set around similar scenarios.
  9. Think over population is the most important consideration for this world. There are just too many of us. Really too many selfish people having too many children. If you breed like rabbits who decides if there should be a cull? Can’t imagine there are many out there who could bite the bullet to do anything about it . Why are we keeping people alive when they have no quality of life and are a complete burden? To see my 103 mother suffering with a body that just keeps going on is devastating. Mind disappeared years ago. She hasn’t a clue who I am or anyone else in the family. It is so upsetting I suppose I have to keep paying thousands of pounds a month for her care. Gosh that money could really help our children. Soooo sad
  10. No need to go to the expense of going to USA from now on. https://apple.news/AZbw7wQp4RVG2HiYJp-YUGw
  11. My row of runner beans is looking decidedly at risk.
  12. Couldn’t be a worse time for high winds for those who like gardening. My runner beans are rampant so a prime potential casualty.
  13. A link to find out more about power cuts. https://www.ukpowernetworks.co.uk/
  14. Nothing in this world is simple. Not trying to be negative but it is a matter of proportion. For me I am an omnivore. At the moment my particular favourite dish is runner beans. Do love having seasonal vegetables. Never the same bought in January. Growing one called Lady Di. It is stringless so even if quite big are not tough. They are very nice with a roast joint. Also like them on their own. I do ponder the idea of giving up meat is pie in the sky for most.
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