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  1. Mr O very critical of Brexit (aren't some of us in some way or other?) but if he had been in control? Male chicken up comes to mind. Sorry trying not to have my posting altered by the politically correct police.
  2. Only used these cowboys once. Never again. Flight from Stansted to Newquay. No problems. But coming home the flight was cancelled. We were dumped on a Friday night late, after checking in, flight was cancelled. Nobody was there that could help or advise as to what to do. Someone said that they would get us home as soon as possible. Apparently that was some time during the following week. Not a particular problem for me as Plan B always on the horizon. Helped as any passengers who were absolutely devastated. They might be cheap but who wants the aggravation?
  3. Killer diseases make comeback

    My God since when has p**sy been a naughty word that the rude word police have to alter it to feline? Correctness gone mad. I suppose Mrs Slocombe is only allowed a feline pet nowadays.
  4. Killer diseases make comeback

    Yes vaccinate. Nothing is ever 100% ok but far better the vast majority are protected. Trouble with this world. feline foot around and create more problems than needs be.
  5. Medical issues

    Could try looking here if you have not already seen it. http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Tennis-elbow/Pages/Treatment.aspx
  6. Net Weather Gardening Thread

    Dreaded blight was observed yesterday. Exactly the same date as 2014. Much stripping of most tomatoe plants, which I destroyed. Some tomatoes supposedly blight resistant or imunue. We shall see. Got my beady eye on them Hope everyone is keen on homemade tomato soup and sauce. No complaints so far. Most will be frozen as portions for use later in the year.
  7. Is Everything Getting Smaller?

    Recall working on a farm in my teens 50 odd years ago. Use to carry 2.25 cwt (just over 114kg) sacks of wheat on your back, which was the norm. Grunt! No wonder many farm workers had back problems.
  8. EU says you aren't allowed some vacuum cleaners. Is it another idea like water efficient wc's. Not much water used but you need several flushes to get the job done?
  9. Qualifications

    I like cheese on toast. So you are well qualified
  10. Hedgehogs

    Relocate this thread in Nature forum?
  11. Hedgehogs

    Not round here apparently. I have two nesting boxes and feeding station I made standing empty. Few years ago rehomed a couple of Hedgehogs that came and went as they pleased. Were able roam widely through neighbours gardens and adjoining farmland. They then disappeared.
  12. Net Weather Gardening Thread

    Blackberries not bad here.
  13. Seem to have a lot of solitary bees and bumble bees round here. Partly because there are plenty of flowers that they like.