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  1. Net Weather Gardening Thread

    Could be Sun scorch. Got it on some of my fuscias leaves that I left unattended.
  2. Net Weather Gardening Thread

    Water sprinkler going full tilt. So dry with my soil.
  3. Seeing Greenwich Royal Naval college brought back memories. Went to a ball there mid 1970's. My brother was a serving officer based there for a while. One of the most memorable "posh" events I have been to. Food incredible, lots of different venues for dancing. Only time I have had to wear a stiff white wing collar and was stuffed into my penguin suit with tails. My wife and I looked the business . She still does. I of course still dress for dinner. Tee shirt and shorts with my gut hanging over my belt. Well the last bit was a lie possibly. Crap getting old.
  4. Travel Insurance

    To be honest not surprised. Who in their right mind wiling puts themselves potentially into a major metrological event?
  5. Travel Insurance

    I do not know if it is relevant here but if you have a Barclays Bank account you can add an addition that provides you and your family with unlimited world wide travel insurance plus RAC breakdown cover at a cost of £10.50 per month. Worth checking out?
  6. Bridging loans, advice needed, help!

    Biggest problem I had when arranging such things was the owners had an unrealistic view as to value. I have always said you should never value your own property . That includes me as a former property valuer. From what you have said you have tried to explore most options and taken advice. I will leave it to you to take what advice you are happiest with. I do not envy your dilemma. So easy for those with limited knowledge of the circumstances and your personal feelings to give advice other than firing from the hip. Hope it is all resolved for your best advantage. Always lots of options but they can be thrown off course by outside factors. Such as house prices going up or down or developments in the area beyond your control. Try to throw things into the air and rethink of the possibilities even if you come back to your original thoughts.
  7. Bridging loans, advice needed, help!

    So you haven't actually tried selling your house? Just relied on your estate agent's comments. Of course people will be wary of a proposed development next door but that does not mean it will sell for an unreasonable price. Provided it is clear what is going on for anyone interested I don't see it being a particular problem. I've sold in the past plenty of similar properties. All I come back to is have the boundaries clearly defined so anyone looking knows immediately what they are getting. At least the purchaser will know what is happening and who is doing it. It is not as if it is an area just zoned for development with no clear plans. If you don't try and sell you will never know what is the best deal. Sale or raise expensive finance. At least you can try the first for relatively little cost.
  8. Bridging loans, advice needed, help!

    Yes having uncertainty over the boundary if you seek to sell your existing house is likely to affect the value/saleability of your existing house but if you are prepared to sell it would give you plenty of cash, even if you take a bit of a hit on the perceived price. Is your existing house in good modern condition as that might have some influence on price/value/saleability ? Looking at it simply your total property has a value without planning permission but with pp it is likely to be worth substantially more. What is wrong with your current house? Could that be improved to your likeing? If yes sell plot and improve the existing house. Depends how adaptable you are. Are you prepared to fence your existing house clearly with decent fencing? They are going to be needed whatever you do if you retain the plot . Do that and put it on the market and see if it sells for a price you are prepared to accept. Then move into a mobile home or rent somewhere whilst your new place is being built. If you have never developed or improved property do not underestimate the cost as it will always cost more than you think. just some thoughts. S.
  9. Medical issues

    My problem is I had a radical prostectomy in 2013. Been monitored since but my PSA has gone up unexpectedly some 5 years later. Still very low but it should not go up. The perceived wisdom at the the time of the op and afterwards was it had been contained in the prostate. I had an MRI scan yesterday so results not currently known. My appointment at my local hospital was 7.00pm on Saturday. Not am but pm. Those working there were working a 12 hour shift God bless them. I am fully expecting to have radio therapy and hormone infusion. All of a bu**er really as I had no symptoms before the prostectomy or now Snipper
  10. Medical issues

    Thanks for the helpful comments. Regards Snipper
  11. Bridging loans, advice needed, help!

    I would not expect you to say any amounts. When raising money it depends in part on the sum of money needed, what it is being used for, whether you have any collateral, time for a loan to be repaid and how desperate you are to get your hands on the money. I suppose a financial expert (if there is such a person you could trust) should be consulted. They should if they are any good be able to set out before you are committed, as to the pros and cons of any particular deal. If you want to bridge for a month you could use your credit card but if you are not able to repay when due at the end of the monthly date high rates of interest will be paid.
  12. This morning not too bad even if it was a bit breezy. 9 year old grandson was here offering his services to earn some money. Helped happily in the garden and then some jobs indoors. Several jobs for not too long to keep the interest and enthusiasm up. Gave him his wages when done. I of course deducted for tax, national insurance and pension. Snipper
  13. Very annoyed grey squirrel in my garden. Use to enjoy pinching stuff off the bird table. Scaring away the small birds as he gorged himself. New regime this morning as I had put a grill around the table. Little birds can get in ok but Mr Squirrel can't. Talk about stamping your feet and shaking your tail. I am sure a few of the little birds were gesticulating with two feathers at the end if their wings.
  14. Medical issues

    Anyone had radio therapy? Considered review please. Hopefully some positive comments.
  15. Yes vitamin K is needs for clots. Say no more.