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  1. China coal surge threatens Paris climate targets WWW.BBC.COM China is adding coal power equivalent to the EU's entire generating capacity. I better go and plant a few more trees to compensate.
  2. To be honest it is a difficult one to call. If Mr Finger is being pointed at me it was an economic augment that applies to everyone where ever they are.
  3. Possibly many wouldn’t have any job and earn anything if some weren’t pursuing the God of profit. Unfortunately few are prepared to open and run a business for no return. For those who do want to make loads of money best of luck to them. Even if many gfuqhgfpjh about not having the benefits of hard work of others.
  4. Everyone must feel so sorry for those affected by the floods. Bad enough having a little leak in your house. Let alone a major swamping. Headlines (who believes headlines?) say it is the worse flooding for a 100 years. So what happened with the weather a 100 years ago?
  5. Even though I voted to remain in the referendum I was ok with accepting the majority vote. The doom saying of the Bank of England and others so far has not kicked in. My view has changed about BREXIT. With the climate argument now coming to the fore BREXIT, with its the alleged down turn in the economy, must be a good thing for the environment. Isn’t that what all those asking for change are pressing for? Eyes down for a trip to the Middle Ages.
  6. Something to consider, agree, disagree, question or ignore. Overpopulation Effects - Everything Connects WWW.EVERYTHINGCONNECTS.ORG Human overpopulation is among the most pressing environmental issues, silently aggravating the forces behind global warming, environmental pollution, habitat loss, the sixth mass extinction, intensive...
  7. No you didn’t you just came back another of your increasingly boring and pious rants. Yes most of us want to do something effective to counter what is happening but putting a drop of water into a bath that is overflowing because the taps are full on ain’t going to help much.
  8. A white Christmas this year? Ok I only jest. Some may feel whatever they will do is wrong or so totally insignificant to make no difference at all when competing with the burning of the Amazon jungle. So many have aspired and been encouraged to improve their lives with the acquisition of stuff or life style they may not be itching to give it up. To be honest it may be difficult to get out of the hype of there must always be more of everything. Productivity, money, travel, more space to live, experience and sex. Ok chucked in last one as it causes more heat than anything probably.
  9. Police will get powers to arrest travellers and seize caravans if they set up illegal campsites | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK Police will be able to arrest travellers and seize caravans if they set up illegal campsites. Home Secretary Priti Patel has outlined proposals to remove unwelcome visitors. Will it make any difference?
  10. So you aren’t optimistic? As the God Of Weather dishes out what he thinks he will give us it seems any weather is in the lap of the Gods. We haven’t had an amber weather warning for snow by the Met Office yet so we must be in with a chance.
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