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  1. Snipper

    New Radar apps RAIN SNOW

    Why does radar show rain and snow but nothing is falling at the moment?
  2. As many of the models have been so unreliable I understand that many forecasters are resorting to the OUIJA model. In answer to the question will there be any snow this winter? it has come back “F All”
  3. Assume tomorrow may well be a good dump of snow with a rain follow through. Or not depending what the Gods think. This sort of setup I recall as providing some of the most memorable snowfalls. Albeit short lived.
  4. Nice morning. Good to get back from a walk and not be up to your armpits in mud. Found some good lengths of hazel for making walking sticks. Had a long power cut last night so spending time resetting clocks. Apparently someone had a car accident that blacked out a good part of NE Chelmsford. Haven’t dared look in the greenhouse yet to see how my stock plants fared with no heat. If you have a problem with power cuts and want an idea of what is going on check out. https://www.ukpowernetworks.co.uk/power-cut
  5. So it is downgraded. Nobody on earth can change anything. What will be will be.
  6. Could do with the sun down here please. Been bottling a brew of beer so been inside. Trying to decide which day to get up to Southwold to check my mum’s place. Having recently had 6 or so weeks of getting to Colchester every day for radiotherapy I am not keen on yet another trip along the A12.
  7. Snipper

    In Memoriam

    Takes all sorts. Be a bit boring if we all liked exactly the same thing, even if the powers that be would like it so.
  8. Snipper

    In Memoriam

    Bet we aren’t going to be able to laugh at any episodes of It ain’t ‘alf hot Mumt”. The up tight political correct crowd will deny us the pleasure
  9. I will say the words my wife loves to hear. “I was wrong”
  10. As there is so much upset concerning the models perhaps it should be be banned like politics. Threads should just be about puppies and kittens rolling in the sunshine. Just a thought.
  11. It would be really helpful when posting like this actually gave an analysis. Those posting such things might know what it is all about but in this thread a candid review is welcome.
  12. Anyone with experience been able to sort out an understated review of the current setup that ignores wishful thinking? A major cold event would be interesting and snow fascinating to watch but it would cause horrendous problems for many. I do ponder how some on the forums are able to do their job that their employer is paying for. Can’t all be retired.
  13. Very much ground hog day. As most major events come almost out of the blue why bother to look at models that won’t happen several weeks ahead. I like the mods thread. Gives me a good sadistic feeling.