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  1. Wouldn’t mind the pound coins that are being dropped either.
  2. Clear blue sky here not a hint of anything on the horizon. Quite windy.
  3. What time is governments daily conference on thunderstorms? I await the questions with interest. Now Mr Johnson the Met Office have told us there will be thunderstorms. So where will these be and will you apologise if they do not turn up over 23 Railway Cuttings as shown. Err well Snipper that is a very good question. I think I will pass you over to Michael Fish who has been dumped into the excrement before. Quite unjustifiably in my book.
  4. To be honest running the app’s timeline it doesn’t show much thunder activity affecting the UK over the next few days. Certainly nothing like indicated down in southern France.
  5. Keep safe in the sun. UK weather: Highest ever UV levels predicted today before thunderstorms end heatwave APPLE.NEWS Britain could see its highest UV levels ever recorded on Thursday as the UK's heatwave continues - before thunderstorms and torrential rain bring an abrupt end to the baking hot weather.
  6. The Magpies and Jays have been busy killing everything round here. Trashing eggs and fledglings. So many parents of the nicer birds having hysterics. I am sure the Chris Packham is proud of them. Objectionable man.
  7. Actually turned out to be pretty accurate. Some good steady rain. Not a sniff of any lightening. On the whole Dark Sky is pretty good with rain forecasting.
  8. Nought here either. Just a long way off rumble very occasionally.
  9. Where are you? You can add your location by going very top right to your profile.
  10. I don’t know but this is the Home & Dry app. Circulation mainly anti clockwise.
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