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  1. So who has put their central heating on? Can't be that cold. Why did God give us pullovers if we have to waste valuable oil heating ourselves?
  2. Arctic Ice Data And Stats.

    Not sure if I should plonk this here. Nasa forecast: Which cities will flood as ice melts? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-41986163 hopefully there are some experienced views.
  3. Sorry no very nice photos I am afraid but it is about the number of leaves to clear up this year compared to last. I'm a volunteer for one of The National Trust gardens. I am principally in charge of composting. Well someone has to do it. This year the leaves cleared up in the garden are substantially less than in 2016. Their size is smaller than last year . Dry year? I am a happy bunny as far less to keep turning over in the bins. Having said that there is still plenty of other stuff to recycle.
  4. Grandparents ruining their grandchildren?

    Seems as if nobody can get anything right without some so called high minded know it all putting their oar in. Most of us do what they can to help family. Even if you feel somewhat exhausted with the 100% attention you are prepared to give your grandchildren. Seems the responsibility is somewhat more than when looking after your own offspring.
  5. Seems that us grandparents are over indulging our grandchildren. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-41981549 I suppose some might argue that having your grandchildren dumped on you because your children want to something else it is ok to do anything to keep the little dears happy. Some might feel too tired or too old to take on the joys of child care again for long periods. Lovely to see your grandchildren but possibly it might not be on your wish list to do it too regularly when you are retired. Been there done that.
  6. So how many months before winter officially ends?
  7. Seagulls a serious pest?

    Been to Southwold today. No sea gulls. A falconer has been employed together with his big raptor. Solved the problem for the time being. Just need a remedy for scaring away Travellers.
  8. Sleeping is another world.

    Sleep? What is that? Yawn!
  9. Reminds me a bit of a trip walking up Vesuvius. We were appropriately dressed with good shoes etc. Almost pushed out of our way by a crowd of slightly drunk fat old biddies from U.K. wearing flip flops. They went up quicker than they came down. Some in an ambulance. Difficult to not be amused.
  10. Regrets, i've had a few

    That Hindsight has a lot to answer for. What political party does he work for? Or is it some media outlet I ponder?
  11. Regrets, i've had a few

    Too be honest I would not make many if any different decisions. Certainly not romantically. 40+ years of a happy marriage. Ok wish I could remember how many years. Ok just worked it out 42. You deal your cards and have to accept the results.
  12. Regrets, i've had a few

    I regret not putting my hand on more knees. Generally worked for me.
  13. Members Photos - Show Yourself !

    Be my friend.
  14. Things that tick you off?

    Many thanks for your kind comment.