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  1. Snipper

    Anyone do home brewed beer?

    Been given a kit for brewing beer from the basic ingredients. Not just a tin and some yeast. Advice appreciated.
  2. My trip this month is to Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Germany. So might be a bit different. Some places not visited before.
  3. Glad I have been but returning is not on my agenda.
  4. Cochin and Chanai in India. Filthy places. Thing that amazed me was how clean most of the people were. How they tolerated such condition amazes me. Seemed to be a policy of chuck it away and it will take care of it’s self. Just as bad as some of the filthy illegitimate mentally deficient people that dump and pollute this country.
  5. The thing I have noticed this year is the lack of Tree Bees. Over previous years they nested everywhere including a Blue tit box and a hedgehog house. This year nothing. Colder than usual winter?
  6. Snipper

    World Cup 2018

    All sooo boring. Doesn’t help I can’t stand football. Don’t get me wrong I would be pleased if England won the cup.
  7. Snipper


    Sorry I did not respond to your earlier responses. Stuff got in the way. Now trying to get myself sorted. Booked a food tour with a local guide instead of a travel company. Worked well in Athens.
  8. Snipper

    World Cup 2018

    Why do the players keep falling over pretending they are hurt? Just as well they are not taking part in the Tour de France. Crowd of wimps.
  9. Snipper

    World Cup 2018

    Isn’t football so boring? Loads of less than inspiring opinions from the so called experts.
  10. Snipper

    Things that tick you off?

    Reminds me of my son at about 11. Was asked in RI to draw his impression of God. Got a B - . He and we thought it was rather funny. At the age of 40 he still has his marked work to chuckle over.
  11. Snipper

    Things that tick you off?

    We all like different things. Your comment of rubbish is as bad as her saying you were ignorant. Personally I like both bits of music depending on my mood.
  12. Snipper

    Things that tick you off?

    Whilst I am about it I hate the so called football experts on TV that can hardly string together a couple of words. Let alone know much if anything about football.
  13. Snipper

    Things that tick you off?

    I hate programmes like East Enders. Such an appalling role model for the young. Loads of gobby, stroppy low life. Or is this what we need to aspire to?
  14. I hate them all so I charter my own plane.
  15. So the annoying little g*t Mr O’Leary, who threatened dire things after the BREXIT vote, is now going to invest heavily in Southend airport. Obviously decided to spread his annoying firms service to even more people. Even though he was going to withdraw from the UK market. But obviously if people wish to spend their hard earned cash on a rubbish airline they can obviously get on with it. From my past experience I would never fly willing with Ryanair ever again. Having said that if it improves the UK economy all to the good but what do those who live under the flight path think?