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  1. No but if it hits someone, and is widespread, it is at least "be prepared" for goodness sake. 85-120km/h gusts for 6-8 hours. Yellow. Really?
  2. A foot thick branches coming off in North Wales. Yellow warning? - how utterly ridiculous... and we pay the wages of these guys...
  3. The end of the muck....approaching from the NW. Finally.
  4. When we will have a sunny day next? Yesterday: cloudy, day before: cloudy, last week: cloudy, the week before: cloudy. oh and today: guess what! - cloudy. No matter which wind direction is, even after this front: low cloud/medium level cloud. bbc: "britghter conditions to follow on Wednesday" -that can mean anything, what a genius forecast in 2018... Ramp over, waiting for the sun.
  5. and that rain band has the shape of the uk...
  6. Those bbc automated cloud forecasts worth nothing. Sun will come out soon!
  7. Yes but forecast completely failed here, for Southport today hours of warm Sunshine today.
  8. Sunny days mixed with showery ones, T around the very pleasant 20C every day and even a touch warmer is showing on the models, leaves are on the trees, it is very much Summery in North Wales and further S and E. My glass more than half full. Enjoy Summer.
  9. Mediocrity...I will take it any time over the heatwave in SW Europe. It is not all doom and gloom, it could be much worse, it will still feel summery, don't need 30C to celebrate Summer, 20C is just right. We are lucky living on this Island without very extreme heatwaves (so far), you have to endure some Atlantic influence in return. I see no washout or cold for the season on the models (currently). I will now go outside and enjoy the Summer!
  10. rain_shadow

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    All this talk about the hot weather and sunshine returning... it is warm, yes, but a cloudfest here since last Saturday, really. Could be worse of course but a world away from the gloriousness we had in June.
  11. 3rd day of low cloud in North Wales with little sunshine, I bet it will stay cloudy today as well. Last two days I could see the edge of the cloud to the east (Cheshire) which did not seem to move West whatsoever. These localised showers worth not much and you need a miracle to have a T storm in N Wales or at least sunshine for home grown t storms so will see tomorrow.If this low cloud won't disappear, I don't expect much excitement.
  12. rain_shadow

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    you are right, I was joking . our luck had to come with the almost perfect position of the high pressure (that if you like what is coming). Lack of rain is a concern though but you can't have everything...
  13. rain_shadow

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    and none of these were shown a good week ago... Great timing of this memorable spell.
  14. rain_shadow

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    Honestly, who cares about the 30 C and sunshine when we have 25C and sunshine. We should be very grateful for this set up, even without the 30C-s...it will be even more comfortable.
  15. rain_shadow

    Model output discussion 14/04/18

    Well, I was almost told off a good week ago for daring to say the then doom and gloom outlook can change fast. It did. Looks like the fine weather for next week is almost "set in stone" for once.