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  1. Definitely not complaining this evening, beautiful sunset over Romney Marsh
  2. Glorious afternoon, now that the sea fog has burnt away, 15c at Lydd Airport, fab walk along the beach at Greatstone at lunchtime
  3. Beautiful start on Romney Marsh, unfortunately I was driving during a very colourful sunrise but had a very pleasant walk with the dogs on the beach around 9.30am and as always there were some beautiful reflections. Like others yesterday I too have grown really tired of goat related posts in here, banter is good but with some variation please Enjoy your day it looks like it might be the driest and sunniest we get this week.
  4. According to the BBC weather today I've been relocated to the the middle of the Channel, Romney Marsh is a bit damp but not quite that wet
  5. kentcloud

    Photos of sunrises and sunsets

    Sunset tonight from the back garden - Greatstone Kent
  6. Morning @TomSE12 glad to see you're fighting fit today A touch of frost around early but also some cloud which again put pay to sunrise, still some nice reflections on the beach at Greatstone though.
  7. Well said, silly and a touch insensitive I would say. Still being plagued by some quite pokey showers here at Greatstone but at least we have some sunshine in between today, temperature racing up to 5c now
  8. Best of luck Tom, I seem to remember you going through this a few years back as well and having to deal with a leak
  9. I mentioned on the BBC Blog that the TV forecast and website went from the best to one of the worst overnight, it might be saving money but the quality and accuracy has gone, might just as well scrap it like they did to their Travel section on the website..
  10. Early red sky at dawn has quickly given way to some light showery rain, the wind has fallen light and both the temperature and DP are positive. Back to some kind of normality at last down here on the coast of Kent
  11. Greatstone about 2 minutes ago, shouldn't last too long
  12. Very generous Tom, but I'm busy blowing it in the other direction, had enough of winter Hope you are well
  13. A couple of very unpleasant dog walks today, icy winds and almost constant light snow. Didn't settle this morning, more so this afternoon as the temperature dropped just below freezing, the only patches of snow around are in areas sheltered from the biting ENE wind. I haven't got a lot of enthusiasm for this weather in mid March, didn't even wear a coat to walk the dogs on the beach yesterday - spring can be very fickle indeed.
  14. 1.7c and still rising with plenty of dripping outside. It been an interesting week,definitely the best cold spell since 2010 for me but nowhere near as impressive as 78/79, the snowy winters of the 1980s, or Feb 1991. Being it was going to be the last day of the cold spell today I went down to the beach when it was still snowing this afternoon just to take in the scene as who knows, it might another decade before I see snow on the beach at Greatstone again. In the first picture the snow was being blown up the beach and piling up in the dunes, couldn't stay there long with east wind straight off the sea. The second picture goes all the way back to 1987 showing my garden in Higham after many hours of continuous snow. Now that was my favourite cold spell Really looking forward to spring now although I have a feeling it's only going to warm up slowly this year.
  15. Temperature here getting close to zero now with just the odd flake. Make the most of it today, temperatures are already up to 5/6c in Guernsey/Jersey and Le Harve. Nice that most places in the region saw some snow today, 3cm for me which is good total on the coast here. Come on Spring