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  1. Beautiful, clear and frosty start at Greatstone. Sometimes it's just nice to go outside and appreciate the weather as it is now rather than going through the emotional rollercoaster of model watching. Great day to get some fresh air in your lungs, have a good one
  2. Just walked the dogs along the beach at Greatstone, lovely sunny day, up to 11c and feeling warm especially with the shelter of the dunes. Who knows what it will be like this time next week? If it turns out to be like today I won't be complaining. Some strength in the sunshine as well, I'm looking forward to spring now
  3. 3.5c sleety mix, strong a gusty south-east wind - just horrible. Warm Canary Islands or damp, cold UK? if you can't choose between them, then you need therapy.
  4. Whatever floats your boat I guess and tomorrow might just do that . I look at it as several windy, rainy and cold dog walks tomorrow, good luck to anyone that sees any snow out of the set-up, certainly don't expect to see anything but rain in my location.
  5. Hi Daniel, I would say that is a horrible chart, cold rain, windy, slow moving front maybe a little sleet with elevation in the south-east. Yuk!
  6. I like that chart, nice early spring weather probably in the range 7 to 12c, the upper end if cloudless, the sunshine is much stronger beyond the middle of February. Often how you perceive a charts depends on what you're looking for, to me that says pleasant and usable early spring day.
  7. What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Part 4

    Played on the Radio today - so many years since I last heard this
  8. What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Part 4

    Ringo Starr hit written by George Harrison, fairly safe to assume it would have been on the next Beatles album had they not split up
  9. Indeed Tom we used to dominate that thread at times, I think you posted just about every song ever made by Santana All those that are frustrated about missing the showers tonight, you're more than welcome to have a few of the rain showers that have peppered Greatstone all day long
  10. Hi Tom, really sorry to hear that you were unwell and relieved that you are recovering, I used to be bjaykent back in the mists of time. We had some fun on here back in those days. Best wishes Ian. As for the weather, it's been a pretty awful day down at Greatstone, almost constant rain showers, no sign of anything particularly wintry as yet with the temperature currently standing just under 2c.
  11. Wet for most of the evening down here in Greatstone, shame it's 6c though...
  12. Bird Photographs

    A wren not skulking in the undergrowth for a change
  13. Can confirm sleety here in Greatstone, whilst up a ladder trying to secure the car port roof - Happy days
  14. I don't think there are any wind warnings today which is quite a surprise as the gusts are 50 to 60mph now in our corner of the world. Very unpleasant drive up to Ashford earlier, the wind was only noticeable when I got back to nearly New Romney. Fingers crossed for the recycling bins and few are already leaving home in our road
  15. The joys of Marsh weather, yesterday a southerly gale with a bucket full of rain and today a north-easterly gale with a bucket full of rain, the temperature is dropping this morning down from 6c at 5am to 3.5c now but it's just making the rain colder.