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  1. Am I right in thinking that nicole is playing a part in maybe causing mathew to hit florida a second time, or miss understanding something?
  2. Really? And there was my bones screaming 1963 at me! But if we can't have either of those years I suppose I'll just have to settle for 1947 ⛄⛄ sorry, that was in reply to gavin hannah!
  3. Been on a very long country walk today (pokemon hunting with the kids). Didn't see any at all. Not long to go for the conkers though!
  4. Can't wait for it all to begin. Think I'm miss that 'beautiful weather' I've been waiting for though. Definitely going to be clued to the sofa for the considerable!
  5. Cherry pick away please frosty. After the most dire winter I can ever remember I'm longing to see more and more charts like this! Long may they continue until November!!
  6. Hi all! Can someone tell me if I'm correct in thinking this el nino has peaked now please,?
  7. I can't add link from phone but the sun is saying this storm is so bad the MetO have even given it a name....
  8. Hi all. Can somebody explain to me what a 'super cold weather bomb is please? It's just that while I'm preparing myself for the next ice age, the million mile an hour gales and the fact that I'll be sitting in the dark freezing due to the shortage of gas/electric that the express has warned me of, I don't want to get caught out by anything I was not expecting!
  9. Regarding madden. Is it just me, or does everyone else feel the need to click on the link and read even though we all know it's a load of rubbish? And surely when we click on the link that's good for the express? If so, then maybe that's why they continue to print the nonsense. What's really worrying though is that virtually every paper , even local ones, now seem to be following. Added to that is the fact that some genuine quotes are used out of context, but joe public does not notice that, they just blame the real forecasters when the weather fails to live up to the hype. Rant over!
  10. This is probably a very basic question to ask, but maybe because it's so basic I'm really struggling to find any info: the cold atlantic, is this to do with el nino in any way or is it something that happens regardless? Is it a regular occurrence over time? Is this/last year anything exceptional? Thanks in advance
  11. I'll thank you for that link now as after a quick read through the opening paragraph I think it may take me some days rather than hours to understand fully(if ever!)
  12. Cooling already (although only slightly) on the peruvian coast. So we could be looking at modoki then? I agree that would be more interesting, especially for a uk winter I believe (and hope!)
  13. Remember reading that it was likely to earlier in the year. Am I right in thinking if it does that gives us a good shot at a nice cold snowy 2nd half of winter?
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