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  1. Yeah - a very good night. Just heard another rumble. Certainly probably 2nd to the 2014 storm in terms of the best and most prolonged.
  2. All this stuff is very elevated, I can hardly hear the thunder!
  3. A nice rumble just then. But, I'm extremely tired and I want to go to sleep, but I know there is no way of me getting to sleep with this around.
  4. Wow - that's a great story, thanks for sharing it (and the picture)!
  5. Raining heavily now again. I'm waiting for that MCS (?) to come up the channel to me. Should be good!
  6. Just wondering, what time is peak instability for the South East? Around 3am?
  7. Yes, it appears to be! Another strike near Petersfield just now.
  8. Yes, good luck! Stikes south of Basingstoke now, I doubt that will be the last lightning I see tonight.
  9. Actually, I'm not sure I did - I didn't hear a rumble, and the people over the road are moving their car about, so the flash could've been their headlights.
  10. Just watching the distant lightning out of my window. Not as active as some other storms, but still a good little (if distant) show. The main focus appears to be moving away from me now, enjoy, London!
  11. Hi everyone! Am very excitied now, the storm system is heading straight towards me. No lightning yet though. UPDATE: Just saw a distant flash and rumble! And so it begins!!!
  12. A louder rumble now, looks like the cell near me is intensifying!!!
  13. I havn't been on the forum for ages so hi! Can I just say, I HEARD A RUMBLE OF THINDER!!! And another!
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