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  1. Quick question,is Sunday generally looking a soggy one for many?

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    2. censored ?

      censored ?

      best head err I dunno then lol

    3. IanR


      I want warm showers here

    4. Mokidugway


      28 c here and sunny ...

  2. I'm effectively being hounded in political and election discussions for perhaps thinking beyond the box? question then bodes, who was actually in charge and who was responsible during this entire escapade? Not an awkward question just an upfront honest one.
  3. Have a feeling May could produce some bursts of very warm if not locally hot and thundery conditions.

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    2. Mapantz


      May is often warmer than not, down here.

      Eugene thinks the whole of the UK lives in the Midlands.

    3. IanR


      likely it will be another above average month anyway

    4. Steve C

      Steve C

      Eugene, seriously, why state the obvious? Weather aficionados, who are the main users of this site, know all about the idiosyncrasies of Spring. You do yourself no favours.

  4. Fast food giant McDonalds has announced plans to launch a meal for the depressed and desperate aimed specifically at people who comfort eat. The Unhappy Meal comes in a very large recyclable bag with reinforced handles and consists of five normal hamburgers, five normal cheeseburgers, three Big Macs, eight Chicken McNuggets, four litres of coke, fanta or sprite, four McFlurries, an apple pie and a free toy.

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    2. Dami


      They do a tasty breakfast.I'll have 20 breakfast wrapes, 30 bacon rolls and 100 hash browns in my bag please

    3. Mokidugway


      Would madam like a trolly with that ?...

    4. Dami


      oh go on then and to the car please..

  5. Why do recent beeb forecasts underestimate daytime maxes? chart generally shows 13-15C but locally it is reported 20C may be attained.Confused?

    1. Mokidugway


      Slightly discombobulated yes ...

    2. AIRMET


      The bbc/mo have always favoured the pessimistic side

  6. big footed Italy kicked little Sicily into the Mediterranean sea up popped Germany feeling a little Hungary he had Turkey dipped in Greece?

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    2. censored ?

      censored ?

      nor Brussels sprouts

    3. censored ?
    4. Mokidugway


      Any food going ?, I'll have a bap :)..

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