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  1. It also snowed on 28th October 2008 here and remnants were still on the ground on the morning of the 30th
  2. Castellanus80


    I was there for a week last Aug. We had what's known as a calima. This is where the wind switches from northerly to easterly, straight off the Sahara and will send the temperature to 40c for a day or two. If this happens it is strangely cloudy (mostly Saharan dust though). Otherwise expect 28-32c with a breeze, which can get very gusty at times. Some cloudy mornings can be expected otherwise bags of sun. Of course it depends where you go. This was Puerto del carmen. I think the northern part is about 2c cooler on average..
  3. Thunder being heard just to the sw of Basingstoke now. Sky dark to the south, no rain as yet
  4. Talking of storms coming from the north or west. One of the best storms in this area actually came down from the north. It was overnight 13/14th June 2014. The day had been warm but not exceptionally so and cumulus gradually started towering up through the afternoon and evening. A few distant flashes and rumbles earlier in the evening before all hell let loose just after midnight. 2-3hours of continuous torrential rain, frequent cgs, wall shaking thunder and a nice bit of bead lightning to top it all off. This was the best storm in the Basingstoke area I remember (although perhaps since matched in intensity by the sept 2016 storm).
  5. Not done this before but here goes.. cet 4.8c ewp 74mm
  6. I've not done this before but here goes.. cet 4.8 and ewp 74mm Sorry I've posted in the wrong thread. Feel free to remove if you can.
  7. Wasn't expecting this.. wind has picked up in basingstoke area from nothing half an hour ago to what I estimate to be 40-50mph gusts? A good 25 miles or so inland too..
  8. Castellanus80

    Summer 2017 Discussion

    Just a thought.. 1995 and 2006 have the same calendar as this year, easter Sundays for all 3 years fell on 16 April, all 3 Mays have/had blips in dry periods, 3 outstanding summers perhaps? We can only hope..
  9. Thunder and lightning here too within last 20m.. an added bonus. If this was summer this would be a lively plume event..?
  10. For me it would be those that were at either end of the stormy/mild - cold/snowy scale. Jan 13, Jan 10, Dec 10, Dec 09 had a great snow event in this area, and going back a bit Feb 91, Jan 87 I can just about remember and Feb 96 was decent with snow bookending that month here. On the other end of the scale Dec 13, Feb 14, Jan 07 for their frequent gales, Jan 98( though just the beginning) and Jan 90 for that awesome burns day storm. For that same token autumn months can be listed but that would be off topic I guess.. So any extreme month really
  11. Castellanus80

    Summer 2016

    Agreed those were awesome storms here in 2014 (the one 13/14 June being in my top 5 rated storms) a couple of offerings in June this year though in this area which were half decent.. one on 16th that made the roof of Asda leak and close the store and it felt dodgy to be under trees. The other overnight 22/23 was ok but probably more notabe for the rainfall (38mm in Odiham and 45 in Farnborough not too far away)
  12. Just 1 overhead clap of thunder about an hour ago here in amazingstoke with some very heavy rain and gusty winds. All cleared through now.
  13. Nope, no cloudless days I recall this year (or last year for that matter - summer 2013 I think was the last one) june 30th got close until a nice castellanusfest in the late eve (which is always welcome of course :-))
  14. From about 1130 last night for at least an hour there was a very good light show to the west of Basingstoke. Considering the sferics were shown as being at least 20m away this must have been an awesome storm for W Hampshire/East wilts area. A bright moon and clear skies to the east also added to the effect, illuminating so great cloudscapes.