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  1. Sorry mods but I just want to thank everyone for all the fantastic input on this amazing thread, I've been glued for years and it gives a release from everyday life! Happy new year people, let's make it snow
  2. Woops! It was a great snow event on Sunday too! Almost makes up for the last 3 snowless winters. Or is it 4?
  3. Fantastic bonus snowfall here! A good 2 inches in a about 45 mins, wasn't expecting that! Just shows you it's sometimes best to just look out of the window than staring at endless weather forecasts! A great start to the winter
  4. Amazing conditions here in loughborough! Very heavy snow with a strong northerly wind but what's better than that was my 3 year old daughter's face when I opened the curtains! Time to build a snowman I think!
  5. A great day to walk the dog then 😊
  6. Possible ice day for me tomorrow! Hope I get snowed in!
  7. Is that Loughborough in the sweet spot?? 😮
  8. Agreed, very confusing for us newbies! Can't grumble at any of output considering where we were this time last week! T
  9. Can we handle another easterly chase?? Ah go on then!
  10. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    Looks like we're right on the edge of it today, fingers crossed it pushes further north than predicted as the cold air digs south