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  1. any one got any contact info for elize on tour 1 ? need her help identifying plants i filmed !! she knows a lot about plants, email address or phone number would be cool or tell her to chat to me here is fine, thanks, ive labelled about 500 videos so far, just 1300 to go !!
  2. can you explain what footage family and friends will be able to see ? eg is there a camera in each car filming the view out the front of the car or what ? please explain as best you can thanks, or do you have a camcorder etc your somehow live streaming what you film ???
  3. its ok debit cards are ok phew ..why cant they say that ? Authorization Approved Your travel authorization has been approved and you are authorized to travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program. This does not guarantee admission to the United States; a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer at a port of entry will have the final determination. If necessary, you can update the following information on an approved authorization: address while in the United States and e-mail address. To access your travel authorization, you will be required to provide your application number, passport number, and birth date. If you need to change any other information on the form, you must apply for a new travel authorization. Have a nice trip. Welcome to the United States. You may exit this site or submit an application for another traveler at this time. To begin planning your trip to the United States today, please visit DiscoverAmerica.com, the Official Travel and Tourism website of the United States. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has developed a new program called Automated Passport Control (APC) that expedites the entry process for eligible Visa Waiver Program international travelers by providing an automated process through CBP’s Primary Inspection area. To learn more about APC and participating airports following this link: http://www.cbp.gov/travel/us-citizens/automated-passport-control-apc DHS recommends you print this screen for your records but you will not be required to present a copy of your authorization in order to travel.
  4. does the esta form only take credit cards or are debit cards ok ? i dont use a credit card ?
  5. doing the esta form i keep getting US Point of Contact Address Line 1 contains invalid characters. US Destination Address Line 1 contains invalid characters. all ive put in is BEST WESTERN Irving Inn whats wrong with that ? also can someone from netweather confirm the full address and phone number ? i got BEST WESTERN Irving Inn & Suites at DFW Airport 4110 W Airport Freeway,Irving, TX 75062-5913 Phone: 972/790-2262 | Fax: 972/986-7620 | 140 Rooms Check Out Time: 11:00 AM | Check In: 3:00 PM | When you arrive. Call them and they will provide you with a free shuttle service from the airport to the hotel. (+1) 972/790-2262 off a website but then i found a slightly different address here http://book.bestwestern.com/bestwestern/US/TX/Irving-hotels/BEST-WESTERN-PLUS-DFW-Airport-Suites/Hotel-Overview.do?propertyCode=44468%C2'> that says 5050 W John Carpenter Freeway Irving, Texas, 75063-2399, US Phone: 972-870-0530 Fax: 972-871-8470 help ! thanks
  6. just doing advance info for british airways, had hassle with the postcode but it works if you dont leave a gap .. http://bestwesterntexas.com/hotels/best-western-irving-inn-and-suites-at-dfw-airport BEST WESTERN Irving Inn & Suites at DFW Airport 4110 W Airport Freeway, Irving, TX 75062-5913 Phone: 972/790-2262 | Fax: 972/986-7620 | 140 Rooms Check Out Time: 11:00 AM | Check In: 3:00 PM | When you arrive. Call them and they will provide you with a free shuttle service from the airport to the hotel. (+1) 972/790-2262 so type 750625913 for the post code im on tour 1 so im assuming the night of 8th may ( the day we fly out to texas) http://weatherholidays.com/%C2'> have reserved us all a hotel room and i dont need to book one yes ?????
  7. thanks jo dont want to be the only one standing out there with a helmet on !!
  8. tornado video i just found http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=f62_1428736842 now thats close ! , does anyone take anything like a bike helmet to protect head from hail ???
  9. thanks a lot thats 1 more worry crossed off my list ! ill do the steps youve told me thats a big help, thanks to others who also commented : )
  10. thanks Ian , can you kill one worry im having...British Airways are not sending me a paper ticket, i think they say an eticket is saved on their system...so i do just go to heathrow without a ticket correct ? just seems wrong to me ! thanks for other answers Dave
  11. whats the website link to give family members so they can see where i am when i do tour1 from 9th may please ?
  12. i forgot im sure someone somewhere said theres a facebook group for people on these tours..if so can someone give me a link to it? thanks Dave
  13. hi im booked on tour1 im flying from heathrow on British Airways on May 8th at about 1150am so if anyone else is on that flight get in contact with me and we can arrange to meet at the airport. whats best for getting to heathrow eg coach,train/taxi ?? do BA charge us for taking tripods as part of our luggage ? and do we need to put them in some sort of bag ? or do they put some label on so they know whose it is ?? if flights 1150amish what time should i try to be at heathrow by to deal with getting boarding pass etc, oh and i booked flight online..is it right that BA dont send out paper tickets ? so i just show up at a BA desk on 8th May without a ticket ????? thats worrying me i want a ticket !! what clothes should i pack ? i mean is texas hot in may so shorts or i guess everyones taking some sort of rain coat to deal with being close to storms. ps flight cost £918 including £35 so i could choose my seat for economy ! Dave
  14. im booked on tour1 which is arrive may 8th and depart 19may , so 8th may we can arrive any time in usa and this isnt a chase day ?? then 1st chase day is may9 ? , chase day 2 is may10, etc until chase day 10 is 18may and so we need to be on way back to dallas on day10 so that we can depart from dallas on 19th may correct ? on 5 march skscanners cheapest direct flight from heathrow to dallas fort worth is £791 return for 1, in the 4th march daily telegraph was an article saying cheapest time to book flight to usa is 2 weeks before travel !! not sure i trust that advice also whats the deal with USA do we need visa/green card etc im sure weatherholidays told me theres some form to fill in but i cant recall what and where to find it !! help please thanks dave, once ive decided day to fly out ill let you lot know then we can arrange to meet at aiport etc
  15. Hi ive just booked on tour1 , thisll be my 1st chase other than watching discovery channels storm chasers episodes !! ill be looking to book a flight soon so any tips ? eg ive found skyscanner website id prefer to fly direct so are their any other websites to hunt for cheapest flight ? Im Dave in my 30's from Cambridgeshire England, be great to meet people at the airport ..not sure if ill go a day early yet. i hope we all exchange emails etc at end of tour so we can exchange photos we get. i guess i blame the 1996 film " twister" for my interest in doing this ! hope everones tripods fit in the minivans : )
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