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  1. Hi all, im dave i did a Tour with weather Holidays in 2015, here is a very thorough write up of where we went and what we saw, ive included about 1000 videos detailing our entire trip ! i dont expect anyone to videw them all so use your judgement based on their titles/ what i say aout them to decide which to view, enjoy this it took me ages to put all this info together http://internetcomputerhelp.com/united-states-of-america-storm-chasing-expedition-exploring-filming-in-6-different-states-during-may-2015/
  2. can you explain what footage family and friends will be able to see ? eg is there a camera in each car filming the view out the front of the car or what ? please explain as best you can thanks, or do you have a camcorder etc your somehow live streaming what you film ???
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