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  1. Anyone recommend a good restaurant in Lowestoft ?

  2. Drinking before lunchtime :) I love holidays

  3. Finished work for 2 weeks / check

    Chilling out / check

    Kids in bed / check

    McD for lunch / check

    Good day / check

    Must be wine time :)

  4. What shall I do with my day off ?

  5. Need's to snow more often, no one on the road tonight, nice quick drive to work, not that i wanted a alarm call out

  6. Snow :) car has a dusting !

  7. I'm cold and left trouser leged off, don't want to end my holiday

  8. A evening on my own, what shall I do !

  9. Oh how I love getting a call out at 2 in the morning

  10. Been to a kids party and I have come home more tired than the kids

  11. Friday the 13th :( how much will go wrong today

  12. I need to stop going into town and spending money, mind you £1 bargains from M&S are good

  13. Why I am still up ?

    1. risk of sleet

      risk of sleet

      Is it because your from where Merlin comes from and you can't do magic?

    2. risk of sleet
    3. Aaron


      Still awake too.. just not tired at all!

  14. Bed time I think, running out of time to have nice dreams

  15. Pizza ordered, evening chill, like Saturday nights

  16. Time to go home and leave, how wet and blown away will I get

  17. Eaten to much much, need to have a nap before its time to watch Dr Who

  18. Ho Ho Ho come sit on Santa's knee :)

  19. I need to deliver birthday presents, don't want to go out in the cold

  20. Off to hospital I go, what fun, there not keeping me in this time!