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  1. We still source the stuff from the States and pay them for it....doesn't matter how the process differs from importing Betty Crockers cake mix, it's still trade imo.
  2. So how do you explain that one then, because those are really big numbers....IF correct of course!
  3. The headline read 'will be £4300 per annum worse off' so stop trying to suggests this was all a one way street Mike, because you know it wasn't. Anyway as I've said it's all water under the bridge now, if you can't accept that then so be it.....it's your choice at the end of the day.
  4. I think that is rather rude and condescending to be honest. I do not profess to have any answers, let alone all of them, but what I do have is opinions and the courage of my convictions.
  5. I don't care about Scotland, wanted to see them given their independence in 2014 and if it weren't for some very dirty dealings they would have got it. So if they get the chance of a 2nd ref I again hope they go, but they won't get one imo, so in reality it is done and dusted for them too....for now anyway! Note you took minutes to answer me here, yet you haven't replied to my response to your question in the Lowell Goddard thread for days, is that because you agree with me but can't bring yourself to say so?
  6. Who knows, who cares now? At the end of the day the ref is done and dusted - the people have spoken and it is now the job of politicians to carry out their will, that I'm afraid is where the whole issue begins and ends in reality, whether you, I or anyone else likes it is irrelevant. Constant attacks on those who voted Out along with constant whinging an whining about negative campaigns, lies, posters, buses, borders, immigrants and cheese prices will not change anything imo, others however still think it might, so let them continue to whinge and whine if it makes them feel better. The Brexit team are now hard at work formulating their initial proposals, the EU no doubt are crunching the possibilities involved and preparing a raft of responses based on what Westminster initially say. I totally agree that this negotiations are going to be extremely difficult, in fact torturous probably looks more apt, but as the end of the day it is absolutely no ones interest to let this drag on indefinitely as many countries remaining in the EU still need to trade with us. Clearly this is not about Westminster dealing directly with Berlin, but I think we all know where the real power in Europe lies and if the Germans like what they are hearing all the problems and concerns of the smaller satellite nations will fairly quickly fade away imo.
  7. Because that report is nothing more than further pointless scaremongering designed to keep Remaineers buoyed up and ready to fight on in a battle that can't and won't win. Mind you just like winning, losing can also become a habit, so crack on.
  8. Must be some sort of trade deal in place with the US already then.
  9. Each family may be worse off by 2020 to some degree (or many be better off), but the point is Alexis £4300 per annum was a completely arbitrary figure plucked out of thin air....and we all know how Remaineers loved to cry about arbitrary figures plucked out of thin air don't we, especially when on the side of a bus...
  10. Whilst the forecast for the weekend is heading in the direction I've been suggesting for a few days, I'm not sure I'd describe both days as universally cool Knocker, especially across the southern third of the country. Here average to rather warm look a more accurate assessment to me based on the latest outputs, average to rather cool would then cover the middle third, with genuinely cool conditions only prevalent across much of Scotland and N Ireland. Where we are this morning however is a long, long way from for very warm hor d'ouevre weekend that was set to precede a significant Spanish plume for early to mid week, indeed everything now looks very disappointing from a heat perspective, pretty much as one or two suggested as long as 3 or 4 days ago. Hopefully IF this all pans out close to current projections another lesson about chasing eye candy charts a week hence will be learnt, but some how I doubt it!
  11. There is no Leave side any more, the campaign is over and Leave won...ergo we are leaving. If you wish to remain in denial and continue to hope against hope then knock yourself out, but it won't change a thing.
  12. Yes she has, loudly and clearly, the fact that you are still jn the bar drowning your sorrows over it does not change that fundamental fact.
  13. Sorry to allow facts to get in the way of a good Braveheart style story SS, but an amendment to that devolved Assembly Act stipulated that it would be repealed if fewer than 40% of the total electorate voted Yes in the referendum. The result was that 51.6% supported the proposal, but a turnout of only 64% represented just 32.9% of the registered electorate, or put another way 6.9% short of the required number. The Act was subsequently repealed and quite rightly so.
  14. The highlighted point is utterly and completely irrelevant, no democratic government would ignore the will of it's citizens, even if the literal framewoking of the law permits it. Frankly this is nothing but hot air, but no doubt some will continue to cling as desperately to this notion until the i's are dotted and the t's crossed. No problem with that persay, but all you are doing is building false hope and delaying acceptance of what is as inevitable as night following day.
  15. Firstly I don't think there's any need to get personal and question my eyesight. Secondly you missed the point I was making. I was not questioning what the NNM model was saying, indeed I pointed out that GFS was going for even warmer temps across a very small area of the south, my point was focusing on these higher values no more paints a representative picture of the UK as a whole this weekend than mentioning the temps in Shetland. The comment was not aimed at you directly, it was just a general observation of how things can become skewed if we don't look at our whole island.
  16. GFS goes for 25-26c in the extreme south on Sat and 27-28c on Sun, but only across a very small area, so quoting those kinds of values is just as misleading as quoting the 11-12c expected in Shetland. On balance temps this weekend look set to be pretty close to average for the southern half of the UK and a little below average across the northern half...with the near standard local anomalies.
  17. Indeed, I think we all have to be mindful when posting that this might be a relatively small island but it is often very meteorologically diverse, with much of the northern half of the country only seeing temps somewhere between 13-18c during the rest of this week and right across the weekend.
  18. Not sure I understand what this has to do with my post.
  19. Not being pessimistic at all given the charts in front of me. Low 20's is pretty much ave for Manchester in mid Aug, but upper teens perhaps 20c looks about the mark on Sat, maybe a degree higher on Sun...ergo average. Clearly a warm up early next week, which I think I covered fairly well, we just need to see if ECM is onto anything regarding the trough disruption the SW (a genuine possibility imo), so as ever more runs needed.
  20. Completely agree, but it's not going to change anything. I said this at the time and I still believe it to be correct, HM Government and in particular Cameron should not as been so heavily involved in the case for Remain. Yes it could have made it clear that it supported Remaining in the EU as a straight choice, but beyond that both sides should have put their respective cases across the official campaign, with HM Government simply there to ensure any claims made had to be verifiable and factual. Not saying this system would have been perfect, far from it, but based on what we actually saw unfold it would have been 100 x better. For instance the hugely controversial claim on the side of the bus would probably not have even existed under this kind of setup and on the other side completely unsubstantiated and unfounded claims like every family will be £4.3k worse off come 2020 if we Brexit would never have been made. In short it would have kept politicians more honest, new ground indeed!
  21. Well what was originally a warm/very warm weekend for may now looks set to be another rather indifferent affair, as does Monday, with temps close to normal for many across England/Wales and pretty cool for Scotland/N Ireland. Tues/Weds see temps lifting into the very warm, locally hot categories for inland parts of England and Wales, but any warm up across Scotland and N Ireland still looks fairly muted, especially north of the central lowlands. Yes nice to see, but to my eyes we are still only looking at a localised heatwave Tues/Weds across much of England and Wales, with those north of the border and across the water in NI possibly being able to go down to only 1 jumper for 24hrs early next week....
  22. What you and many others seem to forget Mike is there are two sides in this and unfortunately the EU leadership were more than happy to see the UK vote for Brexit, some were even delighted given what a pain in the ass we have become to them. Even if HM Government were to commit political suicide in a democratic country and go against the will of it's people by offering a 2nd ref, the EU would not accept any change of heart (assuming that is Remain won) for a number of reasons, not least their clear distaste for the way in which Remain ran it's campaign. Bottom line here is there is no political will amongst decision makers on either side to overturn this decision, it just ain't going to happen, so it's now down to the negotiators to secure the best deal possible. On that point the PIT is absolute right when he says the current perceived delay is nothing to do with any possible change of mind by HM Govt, it's simply about the logistics of putting together an opening offer to the EU and the anticipation of it's response/counter offer. That is going to take a significant amount of time in itself, primarily because we did not hit the ground running on this due to the misguided notion that we would definately vote to Remain, therefore we are having to go from pretty much a standing start. The one thing about May is she is detailed and thorough, there is no way she will kick things off until confident she has as much covered as humanly possible, but anyone who interprets this apparent delay as signs of a potential change of heart is simply deluding themselves imo.
  23. Make no mistake, there can be no free trade deal with the EU without the acceptance of free movement, to capitulate on this would send all the wrong signals to other member states. What negotiators will have to agree here is a tariff based system, but one which doesn't penalise either side to greatly, but is prohibitive enough to discourage others from heading down the same exit route. Clearly this is going to be a very difficult balancing act, but at the end of the day the lack of a formal working agreement suits no one, therefore it will get done and probably within a reasonable timeframe too.
  24. Once people started to feel ignored and belittled Dave, which very many on the Leave side were left feeling by Remains attitude toward addressing the issue on uncontrolled EU immigration, I think the big picture/end game kind of got lost on many. Make no mistake the vote to leave was a massive protest vote, much to do with immigration but also a whole host of other factors. Since the vote I have learned of two staunch Labour supporters who had a last minute change of mind, simply because they just could not bring themselves to effectively vote for something that Cameron was leading support for, despite the fact Corbyn was also onboard...allegedly!! As I said many things combined to lose this vote for Remain, but rather than admitting as much there are still plenty fixating over the message on the bus, Turkeys EU entry and an ill conceived poster. Eventually one assumes they will work out thats all water under the bridge and we are where we are.
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