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  1. If that is the case why didn't you say as much when Nick claimed.... 47 minutes ago, nick sussex said: Scotland already has conformed to all EU regulations and has everything in place so it wont have to go through a long drawn out process. Ummmmm, I think I know why!
  2. I think that is incorrect. IF Scotland were to vote for independence and get it, they would then clearly be an independent country, so any former conformity or compliance of EU regs under the umbrella of the UK would no longer matter. They would effectively be forced to start the application process from scratch as an independent nation and the EU would be loathed to look at their case with any sort of favouritism whatsoever, if for no other reason than to discourage others such as Catalonia from seeking independence. Just as with Brexit there is clearly no panacea here - as I said the whole thing is a minefield, but I do think that once the reality of the potential situation dawns there will be far more Scots ready to face the world with a guaranteed partner in a united kingdom, rather than possibly being able go it alone with the EU.
  3. Good news for UK producers then...every cloud and all that.
  4. We shall see....it's a interesting conumdrum for sure, we are in completely uncharted territory here so making any definitive claims about the eventual outcome would be foolhardy, but I would be very surprised indeed of a 2nd ref were offered. Without full independence it's impossible to see how Scotland could either remain in or join the EU and even with it you would have to go through the application process, agree to adopt the Euro and then be accepted by the other member states...many of who will quite rightly question what you have to offer. All in all it's a bit of a minefield to say the least, but it's still a generation or two away from becoming reality imo.
  5. Still won't get you either a 2nd referendum or a veto over Brexit though.... so it is what it is for now, short/medium term pain for longer term gain - always expected and in the eyes of most experts/analysts almost 8 weeks in, nothing like as bad as suggested by Remain and their city friends pre vote.
  6. There is nothing wrong with your butchers....Obviously from time to time and at certain times of year deals are done and offers created, but in general NZ lamb can be offered more cheaply in the UK than home produced meat. Another reason within this is geographic/climatic, because the longer growing season in NZ is a major factor in their much higher production/yield ratio.
  7. What you, I or anyone else thinks will not matter a jot, Sturgeon does not have a veto over Brexit and Scotland will go the way of Westminsters choosing. Whether that is fair or not is a mute point, but the Attorney General has made the legality of the situation crystal clear.
  8. Never said it did, what I said (very clearly) is it increases costs, which in turn makes UK producers less competitive. Frankly I think it's ludicrous that we can import a product for 13000 miles away more cheaply than we can produce it on our own back yard, but certainly in the case of NZ lamb that is precisely the case.
  9. It seems May has other ideas.... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/08/14/theresa-may-tells-feuding-ministers-to-stop-playing-games-and-ge/
  10. In the specific case of NZ lamb, their production costs are significantly lower because they produce significantly more of it, which means even after transportation and import duties they can still compete on price with a lamb raised in the field next door. Once we start organising independent trade deals with other countries we will be in a much better position to take full advantage of this kind of thing, moreover once UK producers are free of many of the costs associated with EU red tape they will also become more competitive, meaning a win-win for them and us as consumers.
  11. Really? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-36855936 Scotland does not have a "veto" over Brexit and the whole of the UK will be leaving the EU, the UK government's attorney general has said. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has suggested Scotland could stay in the EU and the UK, with SNP MPs asking if "remain means remain" for Scotland. Prime Minister Theresa May said she was "willing to listen to options". But Attorney General Jeremy Wright underlined that Holyrood has no "veto" and said "all of the UK" would leave.
  12. Same old typical response SS, but in the absence of any solid information to the contrary I think they won't be far off the mark with this one.
  13. Despite all the hype, hope and misinformation it looks like we are cracking on towards invoking A50 in early 2017.... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/08/14/theresa-may-tells-feuding-ministers-to-stop-playing-games-and-ge/
  14. Posted this in the SP thread. but it's also relevant in here considering all the talk about Scotland.... Looks like Sturgid has been put back behind the line in no uncertain terms. http://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/699527/Sturgeon-warned-by-UK-it-s-crystal-clear-she-cannot-influence-Brexit-after-German-junket
  15. Looks like Sturgid has been put back behind the line in no uncertain terms.... http://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/699527/Sturgeon-warned-by-UK-it-s-crystal-clear-she-cannot-influence-Brexit-after-German-junket
  16. Well all I can say this morning is make the most of the coming 2 or 3 days. Thereafter and despite the GFS op we appear to be staring down the barrel of a really disappointing spell of late summer weather, indeed that description is probably being very charitable as things currently stand, with charts that wouldn't look out of place in late Autumn
  17. Thought I'd 'like' this one for you, as 15 mins have now gone by and every one of your entourage has failed to do so....
  18. I couple of little gifts for you Ed, feel free to share with your other Bitterarians....enjoy
  19. Well here are some new additions to Germanys anti terror plan.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-37044519 Whether they go far enough or prove effective enough remains to be seen of course, but clearly the more radical proposals are not going to be implemented for now, probably in part for fear of appeasing the rapidly growing AFD ahead of next years elections.
  20. I care about the outcome passionately, what I no longer give a monkeys about is how we got to where we now are and why...I will leave that to the whingers and whiners on here and elsewhere, I've moved on, the fact others can't or won't is their problem and not mine. Regarding Germany and it's power to influence the EU, if you genuinely think that you are in a very small minority Alexis, perhaps a minority of one in fact!
  21. Frankly I'd have been too embarrassed to point that out.....Osborne claiming he can predict to within a pound 3.5 years in the future would have been ridiculous enough, but 13.5 years!!! Priceless
  22. You clearly are not going to let it go Mike, just like you were clearly unwilling to listen to the genuine concerns being voiced pre vote, in fact you were often very keen to totally dismiss them. I get your passion, I even get your frustrations/anger, but imo we will be leaving the EU as per the will of the British electorate....so go on banging the drum by all means, but from a personal perspective I really can't be bothered to go around in ever decreasing circles with you on this. All the best.
  23. 06 already looking less plumey still at 120hrs, with the breakdown from the west also looking a tad more progressive. At this rate even the E/SE of England will be seeing a blink and you'll miss it event.... Looking at Tues cloud and potential showers I think even a 30c somewhere is starting to look a bit of a stretch, all in all very disappointing imo.
  24. That sounds like a perfect appraisal of yourself to me Mike, but as I keep saying we are where we are and the only way forward from here is errrrr.....forward.
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