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  1. Sounds like that is rather unlikely to happen, but who am I to crush your dreams.... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/08/26/theresa-may-will-trigger-brexit-negotiations-without-commons-vot/
  2. No, they voted to leave the EU and that is what's going to happen. Where Scotland and N Ireland end up in all this remains to be seen, but I suspect that ultimately they will be dragged out too by Westminster whether they like it or not.
  3. Incorrect..... it's the Tory governments problem, they provided the platform for it's creation, therefore it's now their job to look after it.
  4. In an ever changing world, it's refreshing to see some things can always be relied on the remain the same....
  5. There is nothing ridiculous about it, because it is the job of those in government to implement the will of the people, not to only implement the bits they agree with. They now have a very important job to do, so they need to leave the dummy throwing about the result to the likes of the many remainers on here, who since Jun 24th have turned whinging and whining into something an art form.
  6. Irony Alert!! Irony Alert!! Irony Alert!!
  7. And whose fault is that? The Leave camp were not, are not and never will be responsible for formulating a Brexit strategy/plan, that was, is and will remain the responsibility of HM Government or those they appoint. As Alexis alluded to above, the real problem here as the arrogance of Cameron, who in never even countenancing the possibility of a Leave vote clearly had no plan B in place should it happen. Therefore the fault for the current malaise lies firmly with Dodgy Dave and his arrogant cronies, who simply but spectacularly misread the mood of the British public.
  8. Spot on, there is no way on gods green earth there will be a reversal of decision, a second referendum or even a referendum to ratify what the Brexit negotiators finally agree. The only input on the subject will now come from parliament, Eddie Izzard, Richard 'I can't ride a bike' Branson and Bob 'the nob' Geldof et al might as well shut their pie holes and move on, because we are leaving the EU and that is that. Also completely agree that this whole thing has created an enormous constitutional mess, but it is a mess that will be sorted because ultimately there is no other option. The people have spoken, their will must and will be obeyed, whether you, I or anyone else likes it or not.....it's called democracy.
  9. Indeed, which is quite remarkable isn't it given the effort you intellectually superior Remainers have put into doing us down, especially in the weeks since you lost..
  10. Could not agree more and have said pretty much the same previously in this thread, the political elite (and the elite full stop) really have pushed decent, hard working people to the absolute brink and they are now starting to reap the ill wind of their systemic abuse. In the UK I think the expenses scandal really did open many eyes, even those who had hitherto forced them to remain shut and despite the fact it might just have been a duck moat here and pencils there, the shat that flew really did stick this time. In the US everyone knows Clinton is as bent as a £9 note and they also know in voting for her they are just signing up for another 5 years of the same old, same old, so I also think you are quite right to suggest the Donald could actually pull off the shock of all shocks over there in Nov.
  11. Completely agree.....all this guff about what people once did way back when is as pointless as it's pathetic. Like him or loath him Farage has been a breath of fresh air in what has been a stinking political sesspit in the UK for decades, he has struck a cord with millions of decent hardworking Brits and also very importantly he has exposed the rotten underbelly of the EU, which is now in terminal decline due in no small part to his tireless efforts. Farage is indeed bonkers to get involved with Trump, but I think he did so as much to make the point that what's sauce for the goose is also sauce for the ganger, the difference being however Obama's efforts to influence our Brexit vote actually drove people towards the door...
  12. You are no more indecent than the 17 million that voted Brexit are uneducated trolls, but that didn't and still doesn't stop many making the link....so I'm afraid you reap what you sow in this world.
  13. Yes I know, I made the point about the option to leave the beach earlier. Also agree the law is a little daft, but the original question didn't ask this, it was more about are you comfortable about what had been reported. So it that case I am comfortable, because whether I agree with the bylaw or not I 100% believe that it should be obeyed and I'm not going to get into criticising the french police simply for enforcing it...at least until a court turns it over which looks about inevitable as night following day. Edit: That didn't take long did it....
  14. Very mature and insightful Ed...as per!
  15. It doesn't matter to me what they are wearing, as it stands the burkini is banned on certain beaches in France, therefore IF you choose to wear one you really shouldn't be surprised by the fact you are 'asked not forced' to remove it.
  16. Good on Nigel, made plenty of sense as usual and he is absolutely right when he talks about decent people doing the right thing and abandoning Clinton and Washington.....as the Brexit vote demonstrated the decent people have had enough and this will be reflected by a Trump win in November. Not saying that the right thing for the US, or indeed the world, but once again it will be the corruptness of politics that's to blame and not the decent people that vote to rid themselves of it.
  17. If you want a good example of what I said above then you need look no further.....this is precisely the type of reaction that provides that fuel
  18. Indeed, I heard much the same on local radio here, it's just more fuel for an already raging fire. It's almost as if both sides of this debate just can't wait for some sort or incident to occur, then exaggerate/milk it for all it's worth, whilst at the same time denying they have any sort of agenda whatsoever.
  19. Because it doesn't suit the lefties agenda. At the end of the day no one is telling these women to strip and certainly not at gunpoint as the article implies, that claim is as ridiculous as it is desperately pathetic. All they are being asked to do is either remove a garment or leave the beach, which as you alluded too is not the kind of respect you'd be afforded if caught sunbathing topless in Riyadh. As an aside it's by no means illegal to wear a black balaclava in public here, but I bet if anyone sat in a town centre for 5 mins in full view of CCTV the police would swoop and that person would be told to remove it, much as people are forced to remove motorcycle helmets in banks and shopping centres.
  20. Can't remember the last time I saw such a large variation across such a short period, in fact the closer the event gets the greater this disparity becomes across the models. GFS now pretty much kills any rain completely away from the far SE, whilst the Euro4 moves it up to N England and as you suggest gives some places an absolute pasting!
  21. Any Saturday heat even in the SE now looks to be on very shaky ground indeed, in fact average to slightly above looks the call there, with the vast majority of the UK looking cool, even very cool under the rain. Thereafter with LP sat between Scotland and Iceland the final week of the month looks distinctly uninspiring, at least according to GFS, so we now look towards the upcoming hurricane/tropical storm season to shake things up and hopefully offer all of us some decent spells during the first half of Sept.
  22. Indeed, I never suggested terrible, what I said was very average.... which in late August is generally pretty decent or at least usable. Come 7.20 this evening the ECM will have shunted much of Saturdays heat further towards the east imo, but even if as GFS suggests 850's are in the range 15-19c across the SE, more in the way of cloud and even some thundery rain will supress maxima by several degrees imo. Elsewhere 16-23c looks a fair shout, with 16-22c not far off he mark for many on Sun. How that isn't 'very average' is a mystery to me!
  23. And what odds do you place on that chart being similar at 7.20pm this evening Knocker.....I will say 20-30% and I suspect even that will be optimistic.
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