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  1. Another marked variation in the GFS/ECM outputs post T+120hrs, which then become ridiculously different post T+168hrs. Once again I suspect the reality come this time next week will lies somewhere in the middle, but I'm hoping ECM is wrong for obvious reasons!
  2. Pretty much every report pre the vote and pretty much every one since has been riddled with the words could, would, should, might, may etc, etc, but now we see the introduction of new and equally superfluous wording 'it is conceivable'. The problem as I see it both on here and in the wider world is there are far more Remainers desperate for things to go titz up so they can say 'I told you so", rather that hoping they were wrong and things actually pan out for the better. It's all rather unedifying to be honest and says a great deal about the kind of people who think this way....none of it being particularly good imho.
  3. Courtesy of the Evening Standard..... http://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/poles-are-now-largest-foreignborn-contingent-in-britain-as-migration-grows-a3329321.html Poles are now largest foreign-born contingent in Britain as migration grows MARTIN BENTHAM Thursday 25 August 2016 Net migration has continued at near record levels.
  4. Well I think I've found a solution to your problem Mike. Reverese your C/W ratio, or even improve in to 11 months C and 1 month W. Simples really
  5. Things look very unlikely to change based on the latest BBC report, primarily because it's clear both sides have much to lose and very little to gain by returning the border to Kent. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-37211267
  6. Yes indeed, what we were guaranteed to continue getting was uncontrolled immigration from the EU, which would have kept the net migration in the 100's of thousands rather than reduced to the 10's of thousands pledged by this government. What we knew we would get as a result is continued pressure on already massively stretched public services, further increasing pressure on GP services already stretched to the absolute limit and yet greater downward pressure on wages. 52% of the country recognised these and other problems associated with being in the EU and decided they did not like what they saw, 48% either decided better the devil you know or like you concluded the potential risks involved outweighed the potential gains. The point is no one really knows how this is all going to pan out, but Paul is absolutely right in saying all the doom and gloom (whether business or personal) can and will have a detrimental effect on things overall, creating a feel bad factor rather than a feel good one. Once on that slippery slope it will be very difficult to get off it, so imo it's time for you to recognise and accept we are where we are and pulling in the same direction is the only real option open to all of us. As Paul also alluded too no one in their right mind expects all our problems to be solved the minute we leave the EU, but equally no one on their right mind believes that in this day and age the whole economic and social structure of the UK is going to implode catastrophically either - the reality lies somewhere in the middle and both sides should have equal input into where our sticks are ultimately placed, but meaningful input as opposed to constant looking back in anger.
  7. You left wingers really like appeasing foreign governments!
  8. The french have been calling for the scrapping of the Le Touquet agreement for years, so in or out of the EU this was always going to be a hot potato and just highlights how ineffective everyone has been in dealing with the situation. Just as with post Brexit Britain, this channel situation is organic and things will change as new circumstances unfold. Even if it were to happen though, Le Touquet says there has to be a minimum of 2 years notice, so plenty of time for the french and the EU to sort this mess they alone created.
  9. IF the border is relocated to Kent, new rules will be in place and central to that will be the checking of vehicles and passports before leaving france. Anyone not picked up in france that makes it to the UK would then be returned, along with a fine for the country from which they were allowed to depart illegally.
  10. Incorrect.....IF the border is relocated to Kent the whole game changes and anyone wishing to travel to the UK will need to show a passport before leaving France. Anyway the whole argument is superfluous because it won't be happening, Eurostar is half owned by the french government and the likely loss of revenue from such a controversial move will kill the idea stone dead.....but not before the Remain fearmongers have milked it to death no doubt!
  11. And how are they going to do that...all you are doing is scaremongering yet again. Countries cannot just go dumping people on other countries, it just does not happen in the real world. Without passports those in the Jungle will not be allowed to travel legally to UK, even if they have sought asylum and been successful. As for the vast majority who simply refuse to even do that, well they've go no chance. As for the illegals... well the numbers in which they are currently coming is so high any reduction will be seen as a victory. How can the situation in the Jungle be our problem and not theirs...what world are you in? Yes the vast majority of them are not interested in living in France and simply see the UK as their holy grail, but if it were not for open borders in France (which we oppose) those people would not have been able to travel to the Calais area in the first place. So it is the fault of the EU and the french, simple as!
  12. Well if Sarky thinks moving the border to Kent will mean the Jungle also relocates with it he will be sadly mistaken. If the border returns to Kent we will find it much easier to spot illegal immigrants arriving on our shores. As far as the law is concerned it is incumbent on all nations to ensure those that leave their borders have the required paperwork to enter the country they travel to, otherwise they will be immediately returned and a fine issued to the country from which they departed. So whilst the french may have the right, they will probably realise quite quickly that exercising it will work against them.
  13. The truth is the whole post Brexit discussion has just an extension of the fear filled pre Brexit discussion, with all sorts of wild, unsubstantiated claims being made by those with very obvious agendas. Without question the one crystal clear fact in all of this is uncertainty does no one any favours and there has been an absolute boatload of that since Jun 24th, enough in fact to have caused a complete and utter economic meltdown, if you believed some on the pre vote hype. To this end I think we will start to see a very different approach from HM Govt in the coming days and weeks, strong leadership is required here, along with cool heads and some genuine self confidence that we can and will make this work. I think those involved in negotiating our Brexit accept the task ahead will be difficult enough with everyone pulling in the same direction, but if we continue to pull in opposite directions that task becomes impossible and everyone loses.
  14. What is wrong exactly with moving the UK border back to Kent?
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