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  1. 23.9 C 64% humidity here doesn't feel to bad and sticky yet ..... I expect it will later
  2. Was 33.9 C today imby measurement taken on my Davis VP2 at approx 2m
  3. Had plenty of ppn overhead but is always light its been light snow here for hours but just doesnt amount to anything. Always peps up couple of miles inland lack of instability on costal fringes i guess,im sure someone more knowledgeable knows why. Cant complain got an absolute pasting from the first beasterly.
  4. Been very disappointing imby probably had 1cm at best lying snow. Glad some of you are getting a pasting tho?
  5. Any potential was only going to be in the small hours HIRLAM 0.1° ARPEGE 0.1° GFS
  6. Was nice storm that wasn't expecting it at all. Nice pics folks i have a few shall shall post them tomorrow.
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