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  1. We have light snow here been coming down for about ten minutes seems to be coming from the Derby area making its way down from what I can see on the radar. May be abit more to come if the wind is right
  2. Looks like it's heading our way come on !! We are ready and waiting
  3. Had a few light showers since around 1.15pm but nothing to see at the moment in Acocks Green Feels bitterly cold out there though.
  4. Just got in from work and seen the latest looks tasty although showing rain for me at the moment tonight and chance of snow tomorrow lunch time but it's still got time to change.
  5. Big snowflakes coming down now with the rain....yay. Wow how lovely is this !
  6. Just starting to drizzle here finally some precipitation
  7. Your snow shield has officially come down Matt
  8. Nothing here in Birmingham south still dry. Showing heavy rain for here later according to Met let's see what happens good luck all for seeing some of the white stuff....it's what we have been waiting for!
  9. Fingers are definitely crossed... lets hope the Midlands is once again in the sweet spot. Birmingham snow row looking good at the moment
  10. Pretty decent snow here South of Brum. The little paw prints is my cat (she braved it all of 5 mins ) but now back in!
  11. Do you think that band of rain making it up from the west will reach us ?
  12. Severn Trent having a major issue in the B27 area no water pressure what so ever! Had a text off them to say they trying to fix the issue but been an hour now and nothing! No water and my bolier is reading zero.
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