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  1. More intensity now ! Getting excited
  2. Fine flakes falling could get a decent spell !
  3. Yep light snow falling here too !
  4. Pretty decent snow here South of Brum. The little paw prints is my cat (she braved it all of 5 mins ) but now back in!
  5. Coming down heavy here....whiteout !!
  6. Sky very dark... Snow starting now!
  7. Looking very interesting !
  8. Very heavy snow falling here now huge flakes ! Wow
  9. It's on the way to you @MattStoke
  10. Easily an extra 1 cm added that I can see on my fence post.
  11. Just starting here !
  12. It may be here before that looking at the radar
  13. I'm only asking what you all thinking
  14. Do you think that band of rain making it up from the west will reach us ?
  15. Severn Trent having a major issue in the B27 area no water pressure what so ever! Had a text off them to say they trying to fix the issue but been an hour now and nothing! No water and my bolier is reading zero.