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  1. Really coming down here nice, big flakes falling.
  2. Snowing quite heavily here in Acocks Green
  3. Just goes to show how dangerous it can be ! Hope it hasn't done too much damage
  4. Winds are picking up can see my fence panels bobbing about ! Let's see how many come down this time
  5. You too ! Sounds like your getting it worse then us.
  6. Its gone really quiet ! The calm before the storm perhaps ??
  7. Stopped here now but left a white roof on my car. Pretty decent sized hail stones !
  8. Hailing here really coming down !
  9. Yeah def thunder no rain yet seen a flash of lightning
  10. Looking like the heavy stuff coming in a few hours don't give up hope people !
  11. Coming down heavy here pavements cars roofs all white
  12. Thanks there's a big difference there wow !
  13. How many cms are the Midlands suppose to be getting in this event ?
  14. Settling snow here in Acocks Green and coming down heavy
  15. Some fairly big snow flakes in the rain. Think its def on the turn here met office has us down for heavy snow from 9pm. Could be an interesting night! Hope you all had a lovely christmas what a treat this is !!