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  1. Looks like tonight is now forecast as a mostly rain event for Peterborough and surrounding areas 😞 Well, according to the MO app anyway...
  2. Freeman

    Typhoon mangkhut

    Are there any webcams or streams?
  3. Radar grab at the time of that biblical (albeit short) storm just east of Peterborough.
  4. I have just experienced some of the heaviest rainfall I have ever seen.... biblical! The skies looked like this just beforehand. We also had lightning and thunder overhead.
  5. I recall a pretty nasty storm around the Peterborough / Lincolnshire area perhaps a year or two ago. It rumbled on for a good couple of hours and provided some brilliant cloud structures. Also, when I was very young (and still a storm nut), I captured a large funnel cloud towards Newborough in Peterborough. The pictures were fantastic but unfortunately I lost them when the family PC crashed
  6. What is the storm forecast for tomorrow then, have there been any official charts released yet?
  7. Will today be the last sunny day for my location this week? Everyone in the model discussion forum appears upbeat, so why all the cloud?
  8. A beautiful powdery swan song from the beast. Until next time!
  9. Lovely fresh snow in Helpston (near Peterborough) and still coming down. Shame it will all be gone by the time I eat my Sunday roast
  10. It's been a long time since the entire pond looked like this... the thaw begins tomorrow.
  11. Roughly, how much snow (cm) could you get from 2-3mm of precipitation? Thanks in advance!
  12. Nothing here in Peterborough... bore ville. It's also only showing 0 degrees on the car temp gauge. Wasnt expecting anything near that tonight!
  13. So the MO app predicts heavy snow and it stops.... been lightly snowing all day with nothing shown on the app