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  1. Nice little storm chase! Saw plenty of CG lightning, here is one capture. 20190804_200521_1.mp4
  2. 10 minutes from Peterborough and I can confirm its baking...and the sky is still clear. Been driving and my car would not go below 37..
  3. Looking towards the cell north of Peterborough. The air is thick...
  4. I'm right next to that cell near Peterborough, might go for a warm up chase!
  5. Very dark around Deeping St James despite absolutely nothing on the radar
  6. Does that update provide an indication as to when storms could reach the Peterborough area? Also, is the model held in high regard / accurate? Sorry for all the questions
  7. Is it worth keeping an eye of this line of small cells? It seems to be the only hope for the Peterborough area!
  8. Afternoon All, I don't often post on the forum but I would welcome some advice From looking at the forecasts, it looks as though I have a low risk of witnessing anything severe in the next 24 hours, is my interpretation correct? I live just north of Peterborough! The reason why I ask is because my location always seem to get hit or clipped by severe storms even when they are forecast to be further east / west. Not sure why...!
  9. Looks like tonight is now forecast as a mostly rain event for Peterborough and surrounding areas Well, according to the MO app anyway...
  10. Radar grab at the time of that biblical (albeit short) storm just east of Peterborough.
  11. I have just experienced some of the heaviest rainfall I have ever seen.... biblical! The skies looked like this just beforehand. We also had lightning and thunder overhead.
  12. I recall a pretty nasty storm around the Peterborough / Lincolnshire area perhaps a year or two ago. It rumbled on for a good couple of hours and provided some brilliant cloud structures. Also, when I was very young (and still a storm nut), I captured a large funnel cloud towards Newborough in Peterborough. The pictures were fantastic but unfortunately I lost them when the family PC crashed
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