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  1. Can I please ask why we expect the showers to increase and organise in the early hours, whats stopping the showers now and what will be the trigger? MO seem confident my area is going to get lots overnight and tomorrow!
  2. Nice covering now in Deeping ( just north of Peterborough) looks like we may have a couple of hours more yet?
  3. MO app just updated my location (just north of Peterborough) for light snow tomorrow. I wonder if this reflects a northward correction?
  4. Any chance of snow near Peterborough tomorrow or is that too far north? I keep seeing reference to a northern trend but the MO app still has nothing forecast
  5. Have some videos of the Peterborough cell, torrential rain, very strong gusts, flooding and trees down. At one point we also had reasonable size hail (2 x pea size maybe)
  6. The first of two videos recorded in Fuengerola, Spain in the early hours of 14/09/2019, I have never experienced a storm like it, constant rolling thunder and lightning every 2-3 seconds. When the rain arrived the lightning would continue but the thunder fell silent (very odd), but the rain was biblical at times. In total the storm lasted for approx 3-4 hours on and off and I have another 30 minute video which is currently uploading. Intense Thunderstorm with Frequent Lightning - Fuengerola, Spain (14/09/2019)
  7. I happened to be in Fuengerola (near Malaga) last night and recorded a beast of a storm. I will link it once it has been uploaded to youtube.
  8. Another, longer video of the storm as is progressed north ?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDcwRZzVbvA
  9. Here is a short video of the intense rainfall from yesterday's storm (Near Bourne, Lincolnshire), please excuse my excitement! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBPsWvv49qo
  10. That cell over Bourne is kicking out constant lightning but my camera wont pick it up!
  11. I just drove through those bright cores just up from Peterborough, just before Stamford. I have never seen rain like it! I have a video which I will upload later.
  12. Nice little storm chase! Saw plenty of CG lightning, here is one capture. 20190804_200521_1.mp4
  13. 10 minutes from Peterborough and I can confirm its baking...and the sky is still clear. Been driving and my car would not go below 37..
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