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  1. This really annoys me .. teachers and caretakers / parents should be out scraping paths and driveways etc .. it should be expected that parents teachers etc will contribute - get up earlier - shovels out there is no need to close everything after a few inches of snow . Extra council tax for those that don’t muck in ? It doesn’t take long to clear a path or driveway once you have many hands at work . Get stuck in , work off that Christmas gut , graft and keep things moving ...
  2. Well then here we all are again . Hello to all new and old. Seasons greetings . A bog standard snow event on the cards. Not to be sniffed at yet not one that will live long in the memory. Andymusic our regional leader and weather oracle is still going strong which is great to see . As some may remember I was rather underwhelmed to say the least by the no snow in Swansea during the beast . That event I’m afraid converted me mainly into a mildee....sorry but I’ve just really enjoyed the mild winter so far for running outdoor purposes .. Hmm today ,
  3. Not sure what’s going on with my account , anyway .... hope your right ! And that really is all . Fleeting spells of lying snow to a minimal depth no good. Yes they count as “ snow days “ but who cares about snow day statistics if they were not useable . If it snows it needs to be physically useable snow . Physically Useable = make a snowman out of it , sledge on it , ski on it , also it needs to stop you getting to work . 09,10,13 pass . 11,12,14,15,16,17 fail . Still an outside shot at a cold sourced NNW but otherwise it’s time to get back out on the b
  4. Seasonal weather required has been temporarily banned from net weather for being a complete tool . Let this be a warning to all that you can run but you cannot hide . We will find you and we will punish you .
  5. I fully agree with what you say . Unfortunately my account was hacked hence the contradictory stand points there. These hackers should hang their heads in shame deary me. Now then , lamp post watch or not is the question ☃️
  6. Woah your model forum material butt so yeah your right . Im just connahs quay nomads but your like Everton or Watford - premier league but not right up there with the champions league big hitters . I agree with you and anyone who has said anything negative towards Derek should hang their heads in shame . Come on guys this is a weather enthusiast forum leave him alone ?
  7. We’re this the model ( mad ) thread I’d agree with you that charts are required to back up your opinions . That is the premier league though , the regional forums are sub divisions with different rules . Id say I was just above the relegation trap door to oblivion from the welsh forum and I’d rate myself to say Merthyr Tydfil or Connahs Quay Nomads , Chiono is Man City , Steve Murr Liverpool ( great attack but leaky defence ) , etc you get the picture . Bender the robot are you going for promotion this season ? Im just hoping for a decent cup run , and a home tie versus S
  8. Matt , This is how world wars start .... To clarify ,Mr winter 17/18 has been all talk and no action so far . Bottled it , all huff and bluster but no substance . Very last chance this weekend or it’s thrown into the bin , black bag waste ,to go to landfill with the last 4 winters .
  9. I fully agree , and once he has gone we can concentrate purely on the weather . ???????? Cold , breezy , a few flakes in the air here.
  10. I think he has been reading the accurate comments on this forum and even though he knows he was criminally wrong last time , he is just so stubborn and it’s a nose cutting to spite face scenario this time . I think this indifference is a direct attack against you Andy . But not only that it’s an attack against weather itself and carried out on British soil . I think we should stand together, not be scared and do the right thing - expulsion . There will be retalliation as he has some really hard fanatical mates - but Andy will protect us somehow .
  11. This could be Dereks last forecast . When you compare him to the likes of Chris Fawkes , Thomas Schaferknacker , Ian Ferguson , Phil Avery etc it makes you realise it’s a waste of licence payers money . We really are scraping the barrel with Derek. Dont feel sorry for him , it’s a serious job , it’s business ,no sympathy , job centre , no reference given ,P45.
  12. If I can build that snowman tomorrow for my daughter then I will tick off winter 17/18 as a pass or grade C. At the moment this winter is somewhere between F and E . Last time I went to bed early on that Thursday night after a few hours of lamposting ,watching the swirling powder crap fall expecting to see a good 5cm + blanket in the morning. Woke up , dashed to the curtain and then it started , the biggest ever let down , WTF ? , it just went from bad to worse as I thought ok don’t panic we still have All Friday to go , but nothing , nada . This time expectations are as lo
  13. After the last ssw in 2013 the summer was very good - hopefully it will be the same this year . I wonder if anyone has checked Ssw and the following summer years to see if there is a pattern ? Maunder minimum, ice melt cutting off the usual under water current flows , Andy’s snow shaker , in 20 years time we will be one of the leading nations at the Winter Olympics . Costa , Greggs , Joes ice cream etc all on the top of Pen Y Fan , Ibis ,premier inn etc in place of that dodgy burger van at the bottom of the ski lifts .
  14. Good job this isn’t the model thread otherwise you’d have the big guns shooting you down crying “ how ever is a poor little newbie supposed to understand what’s going on “ . I think only Andymusic can predict where every single snowflake will fall with his Welsh snow shaker model . Of course it’s more advanced than this one with in depth scale models of all towns and cities etc :- But it’s based on similar technology I believe . Andy , what’s your snow shaker showing ?
  15. Swansea is and will be in dry patch yet again , though Port Talbot is in the absolutely parched Saharan dry patch . Infact I would issue a red warning for Port Talbot - danger of death if you go outside . Its so dry you will shrivel up like a bag of currants - so just lie in the bath all weekend with a pair of goggles on is my advice . Im not scarred by the last epic failure , honest I’m not .....
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