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  1. A beautiful dry bright and sunny day here and a dry snowless night so far.....disappointed to say the least.
  2. I’ve waited years for a decent easterly and......it’s a bit cold and there’s a frost. Disappointed and embarrassed that yet again my excitement has got my kids’ hopes up and made me look foolish!
  3. The first proper easterly for years and it looks like it's not going to happen here (Saffron Walden). Being too pessimistic? I thought this is what we needed to get the winters of the 80s back with 6" thick ice on the pond and deep snow. Why is this still not the right conditions?
  4. Wow that’s some wind. Can’t see it on any forecasts or nowcasts. Saffron Walden area.
  5. A summary of winter model threads since whenever: Snowmageddon on Friday!! Then Snowmageddon on Sunday!! Then Bit snowy on Tuesday Then Sleet maybe Thursday Rain. It’ll rain.
  6. Must have been quite localised then, as it was mad here! Huge gusts and driving rain.
  7. Oh the irony - I was supposed to go to Norwich today to collect a boat (!) and couldn't because of the flooding around Saffron Walden. I've not seen it this bad in 12 years of living here. So the plan is to try again tomorrow. Will it be any better or worse? I will be travelling in a high top van so not only unsure about the water but the winds.
  8. Radwinter Essex: Slight frost first thing, now heavy sleety stuff with wet snow flakes mixed in.
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