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  1. Steve, how much snow can be expected from this for south Dorset?
  2. regarding tonight's snowfall, roughly what sort of time can we expect it to hit Dorset and how long will it last?
  3. It's coming down very thick now. All surfaces now completely white. Can understand why the Weymouth half marathon was cancelled now!!
  4. Heavy snow in Weymouth. It's doing its best to settle but only on grass and cars. The roads and paths are just wet!
  5. Same here in Weymouth, so late in the season too!
  6. Just starting to settle here now as PPN gets heavier. very windy aswell
  7. Was thinking that. Still snowing and still not settling
  8. Heavy in Weymouth now but only settling on a few cars. Anyone have a reason why we're not seeing this settle properly?
  9. Met says no snow here for now but it's snowing pretty steady in Weymouth Not settling though with temps around 2c
  10. So heavier precip is not far away. Will it be rain or snow.......?
  11. Pretty decent amounts for us. Meto still saying heavy snow for us until early hours. What do you think?
  12. I agree with all of what you said! I'm amazed, Weymouth doesn't see snow like this. It's like something like a movie!