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  1. Still heavy in Maidstone the town centre its just laying on the cars but i hear the surrounding areas have 2/3cms How long do people expect this to last ???
  2. Been heavy snow here in Maidstone for about an hour but because of the rain last night and today its only laying on cars at the moment. Looked at the radar is there something wrong or is it just not moving ?
  3. What do people think for Kent throughout the rest of this ?? It has stop here in MAIDSTONE I feel the 1-7 cm will be less than 1 at the moment
  4. Snowing about 20 min in Maidstone got a good dusting already Just worried that it is going to turn to rain in the morning like the met say
  5. Go on the Kent online news page on Facebook they have a love feed on the Medway
  6. Met office have got Maidstone down as heavy rain tomorrow now someone tell me that's wrong
  7. I'm going to throw this out there and might be wrong but it seems to be picking up again The five minute jump for 2120 to 2125 moved it quickly than the last hour and heavier all of a sudden, over t wells area, I might be wrong tell me to shut up if I am lol
  8. Looks like no longer than an hour and I should be at maidstone
  9. Let's hope its arrives here in Maidstone and heavy at some point tonight
  10. Seems to be dying out as it makes landfall which was not expect special southeast corner
  11. Get ready think Maidstone and Medway have been under played by BBC and met office
  12. Lots of cloud here and very light and small flakes here, maybe someone is scratching there head ? Maidstone kent
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