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  1. And you just know that when the heavens open, it will give us 219% in a short space of time.
  2. Could get interesting if these storms keep heading up to the artic. Could it doom the PV
  3. Some will need to hope for snow ❄ more than others. @Kasim Awan doesn't need to hope much and @WillinGlossop less than me. You will need the most.
  4. I don't think they are capable of launching from a carrier. Looks like they switched the transponder on where the blue line starts. The tell tale sign of where the aircraft departed is shown by the trail line changing colour. Usually yellow to green to turquoise and various shades of blue and purple as it gains height and the reverse when coming into land.
  5. Live Cam Majorca - Alcúdia WWW.SKYLINEWEBCAMS.COM Live Cam View of Alcúdia beach in Majorca
  6. Sorry mate, been so busy finding the garden amongst the canopy of nettles that I forgot to look at Net Weather. I'm doing ok, the usual stuff is a PITA but other than that, cant complain lol. Anyway, been a beautiful day and hopefully the garden will be in a better state as we enter Autumn proper.
  7. Live Cam Mottarone WWW.SKYLINEWEBCAMS.COM Live Cam View of Lake Maggiore from Mottarone
  8. Live Roses Webcam Costa Brava beach view from MonteCarlo Hotel WWW.WHATSUPCAMS.COM Amazing LIVE Roses beach from MonteCarlo Hotel Roses webcam Costa Brava. Whatsupcams Livecams Spain - Catalonia - Host a cam and Promote your view
  9. There was also an Apache Helicopter that headed South crossing Woodhead reservoir. Anyway, nice day for military aircraft after that rude little shower earlier. Wonder if its Covid related or the Afghan refugees were getting a lift.
  10. Live Flight Tracker - Real-Time Flight Tracker Map | Flightradar24 FR24.COM View flight on Flightradar24 and this
  11. Who ordered the black cloud and rain? Just had moderate shower but it is very dark, dark enough to need to put the lights on.
  12. Nature usually balances things out so my gut feeling is a very wet period at some point.
  13. Residence hoteliere - Les Marines d'Helios - Marseillan Plage - France - Locations de villas au bord de la Mediterranee MARINES-HELIOS.PAGESPERSO-ORANGE.FR Résidence hôtelière** LES MARINES D'HELIOS est située à 200 mètres de la plage au bord de la Mèditerranée, composée de villas individuelles jumelées avec terrasse extérieure , piscine avec petit bain, tennis...
  14. Sounds like a Caribbean (Beach out of Reach) cruise holiday.
  15. Well that proves things aren't anywhere near normal. I bet the guys have had to look elsewhere to do their jobs and now with the air industry ramping up a little, the airport fire services are scratching for experienced fire fighters.
  16. I feel the mower might be in action shortly. Gardens like a jungle.
  17. I might get to cut the grass in a day or Two. Everytime I have chance, the rain gets there first.
  18. Holding for quite a few circuits. Possibly some runway checking before giving the green light to approach and land.
  19. A very slight change this morning, One of the areas off West Africa has changed to Yellow. Other than that all pretty quiet LOL ;)
  20. Pantelleria: Two killed as tornado hits Italian island WWW.BBC.CO.UK Nine others were injured as the whirlwind overturned cars on the Mediterranean island of Pantelleria.
  21. I'm down in Derby at the moment. Warm muggy and dry. Noticed at Dinting Station Glossop, there filming something. Anyone any idea what?
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